Also Slovene:
This is also used in Latvia. [noted -ed]
As a nickname for Eva, it's fine. But not as a given name - I mean, while Eva Peron was a decent person, her life has been romanticized because of her looks and her early death (the same thing that happened to Grace Kelly and Princess Diana). But my real problem lies with that movie adaptation with Madonna, which is so weird, corny, and even inaccurate.
Actually, Evita is just a pet form of Eva; despite its resemblence to the word meaning "s/he avoids", it's not meant to mean that.

And Eva Peron, well-known as Evita, served as the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until July, 1952, when she died from complications due to ovarian cancer (she'd had a hysterectomy several years earlier, but the cancer still spread)at the age of 33 years.
This is a very pretty name, even though it means "S/he avoids".
Evita: Benny's wife's Akita's (dog) name in the musical/movie RENT, who Angel kills by drumming outside the penthouse and the dog falls 23 stories to the sidewalk.
Eva "Evita" Peron was the first lady of Argentina during the 1940s. She was loved by the working classes, depised by the upper classes and she died tragically young at 33 from a tumour in either her womb or her stomach, I can't remember which from the top of my head. She is the subject of an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical.

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