I think Evren is a unisex name. I like the fact that although it is a mythological name with great meaning, it still seems down to earth enough that you wouldn't have to pause after hearing or reading the name. It combines the trending 'Ev' and tailored '-en' together, making it 21st century usable but still fitting for a character name in a fantasy novel (maybe it's because of the 'vr' combination). Plus, the strong 'Ev' at the beginning softened by the 'vren' at the end makes it sound so pretty (yes, the gender doesn't matter, just simply artistically pretty type of pretty). Listening to the sound of the name rolling off my tongue, I feel...peaceful and secure. A bit of background info: This is the only name that I decided to claim as my own that I actually feel entirely comfortable with (from a multiracial country, choosing a Western name doesn't feel weird, it just makes life easier). Maybe it's because it's THE name or maybe it's because I got fed up choosing other beautiful, elaborate names that never felt ME...but I love it and I made it mine, that's all that matters anyway.
― Anonymous User  5/15/2020
When my husband and I found out we were expecting a little boy, I immediately wanted a Turkish name since his entire family is from Turkey. My husband either wanted to name his son after himself (Erol) or give him another name starting with ‘E’. So, I was absolutely thrilled when I came across this name. It’s Turkish but still simple enough to pronounce. I truly fell in love with the name when I found out it meant “Universe” in Turkish and it was the name of a dragon in Turkish mythology. It also helped that it was unique and neither one of us had ever met another Evren.
Our Evren is 5 months old now and receives compliments on his name daily. It seems he’s really growing into his name. I occasionally call him “Ev” as a nickname but my husband informed me that “Ev” means “house” in Turkish. I still think “Ev” is a cute nickname though.
We have found out that another couple heard about the name “Evren” through one of my friends who suggested it to them since she loved our sons name so much and now they’re naming their son “Evren”. I love that it’s becoming slightly more well known but I’m still hoping it doesn’t become popular so it keeps its unique charm.
Shay88  4/15/2019
My husband came to the United States from Turkey in 1990. When we got married, I wanted to choose Turkish names but names that wouldn't sound too foreign or unusual yet still gave homage and respect to my husband's culture. We picked Evren for my son, who is now 15 and it suits him perfectly. He is a quiet, confident young man who makes friends wherever he goes. He never tries hard to impress, yet other kids seem to flock to him. I always knew it meant "Universe" and only recently did I learn the older Mythological meaning of the term Dragon. I felt this was also fitting because my son has green eyes, is the only one in our family to have green eyes (my husband and I both have dark brown eyes). The name is special and unique, just like my son.
Lorinne7  2/23/2019
Evryn for a girl, definitely Evvie for short.
Babies91  8/31/2018
I named my son this name 6 years ago. I was a little torn about how it would go down at kinder/school etc. I worried it might be too different. But he really owns his name, he is a one of a kind kind of boy, and I believe (as all mothers do) that he is destined for something special. Kids and parents really like it once they know it. My Evren is Evren Jacob and at kinder we considered starting to let him go by Jacob to make it easier, but his friends told him no they like Evren so he kept it. He gets Ev, Ev’s, Evster. We really love it, it is beautiful name, and the Turkish inlaws do backflips they love it so much.
― Anonymous User  2/19/2018
Note that Kenan Evren who undertook a coup d'etat against the Turkish government in 1980 has this name as his surname.
elbowin  9/29/2017
I find the name Evren to be more masculine in nature, as it reminds me of names like "Evan" and "Everett."

I fell in love with it while I was pregnant because it has a simple and familiar feel, yet is very unique! I have always been fascinated with astronomy and find the universe to be magical and awe-inspiring, so to use a name that directly translates to "UNIVERSE" or "COSMOS" while not coming across as an extremely odd name, or one that I simply made up myself seemed like an amazing find for my child. I hope the name will somehow instill a sense of wonder, curiosity, and love of learning in my child (if such a thing is possible).

I did indeed end up naming my son Evren and I doubt in his lifetime he will ever meet more than a handful of other Evrens, if any at all. I feel it will set him apart, but not make him an outcast as it seems simple, easy to pronounce, and I think when he's older and people ask him what his name means, he will be proud to explain.

Even while pregnant I had an easier time envisioning someone in their early 20s being named Evren; it doesn't strike me as a baby name, but not an elderly name either. I think it's a name my son will "grow into", so to speak.

I can imagine girls being named Evren as well, and I do believe it is relatively unisex in nature, however, I certainly feel it leans more masculine.

My family has no Turkish ties, and the origin of the name was unimportant, the meaning and uniqueness were ultimately what won us over.
emerald888  1/20/2017
I really love this name but I'm torn between masculine or feminine! Absolutely torn! On a girl, the nickname could be Evie or Wren. On a boy, Ev or Ren. It does come off more masculine at first but then I start thinking Haven, Arden, Eden, Evelyn, Evren...
samoan.solstice  5/2/2016
Evren definitely for a boy.
― Anonymous User  12/29/2014
I really like both the sound and meaning of this name. I agree that it best suits a boy. It is easy to spell and is pronounced just like it is written, so I think it makes a strong, yet unique, naming choice for today. We have decided to use Evren Charles for our boy, with the nickname Ev.
Joiya  7/29/2013
As a masculine name, I cannot express my joy for "Evren"-- particularly for it's meaning (seeing that I possess an avid astronomy interest) although, it unfortunately follows the borders and naming-trends of the 'kre8tiv' minds today.
Francesca  2/6/2012
I love this name for a BOY! It sounds more masculine to me for its closeness in sound to Evan. I also love the possible nickname Ren which I had been searching for a longer version of. Evren has such a cool meaning!
― Anonymous User  8/31/2011
I find this a gorgeous, unusual name with a great meaning. I would use this for a girl, definitely.
emmiix3  4/1/2009
Just noticed this one on someone else's name list and immediately added it to mine. I love it! To me it seems more feminine than masculine.
trace_lc  5/30/2008

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