This name is so pretty. It reminds me of faeries and is very gentle.
I love this spelling of Fay/Faye, because it reminds me of fairies (faeries).
Good middle name. Nice alternative to Rae or Kae if you're tired of those ones.
If you want twins you can name your kids: Mae or Rae.
I’ve never liked this name. It sounds old, harsh and outdated.
I would love to name my baby girl this. I completely disagree with anyone who says it is awful, it's actually completely awesome and sweet and gentle and that’s what people want the qualities in their children to be like!

So overall, the name Fae is wonderful.

Anyone who has this name or a version of it have a beautiful name and should be immensely proud and grateful for it.
Pretty middle name. I also like the spelling “Fey” and “Faye.”.
Perfect name - it emits a mystical and enchanting aura and is modest in it's simplicity.
I think this is the best spelling of this name. I love it, because it reminds me of "faerie", plus it looks more modern and young than the other spellings, but feels very vintage-y at the same time. A sweet, magical, ethereal name.
The spelling of Faye or even Fay is best. Fae just looks awful and I can understand why SO many dislike this spelling the most.
I would have loved this name when I was in third grade and obsessed with fairies. Afterward, not so much. It feels like it would be good for a child, but not an adult.
I think this is the least attractive of the options - Faye is much prettier in my view, followed by Fay. Love the name though - sweet and magical.
This spelling "Fae" is way cuter than Fay. ;)
Update: Actually I now find both Fae and Fay equally as cute as each other. ^_^
I really like this name. It has a fairy tale quality to it. This spelling in particular is used in fantasy and fiction and is often used for elves and fairies.

It can also provide a great first or middle name. As a middle name it can practically go with any name.
In the 1800s, up through the 30s and 40s, at least in America, [more in the southern areas] "Fae" was often modified to a somewhat popular girl's name which may sound strange to people now but which I still like- Willie Fae. [Sometimes spelled with a dash, sometimes not].

[In "A Christmas After All: The Great Depression Diary Of Minnie Swift" {the author was not credited as it was supposed to be a diary, } The orpahn cousin taken in the hight of the depression by the Swifts, from the south, is named Willie Fae.]
Personally, I prefer this spelling over all the others. When you take out the "y" and just have "Fae" it seems so much more magical.

Note: Currently, my favorite name is Fae (hopefully this doesn't change anytime soon). However, I used to want to be "different" and have the spelling be Fey--until I read that in British slang/idiomatic language (particularly Scottish), to say that something was "fey" meant that it was doomed to die. So I had to change the spelling! :-)
I think "Fae" also means fairy in French.
In Gregory McGuire's novel Wicked, Fae is Elphaba's code name.
I find this name wonderfully elegant- mainly because it is my nickname; my real name is Fahara: though I don't quite know where my mom pulled it from. Fae is what most call me and I stick to that like glue.
What a unique and pretty middle name. My best friend in elementary school had it as a middle name, and so did her mother. It was a family tradition, so that each little girl could think of herself as a fairy.

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