Lmao English speakers' interpretations of foreign names are so stupid and prejudiced. This is a beautiful name in my culture. Not everyone in the world speaks English.
This name is a roaster, I hate it.
Lovely. Don't care for the meaning, but this name sounds nice.
Name of the day December 14, 2020.
Guys Fatma means the lady who abstains or exactly the root فطم means (wean). And it's close to (weaner).
The pronunciation of this name is wrongly listed as "fa-TIM-a", when in fact it's pronounced "fa-TEEM-a".
Written as "فاطمه" in Jawi (the Arabic script used for Malay).
Fatimah. I love the name Fatimah. My first name Fatimah. I'm very proud of it.
Fatimah is the name of the daughter of prophet Muhammad, and wife of Ali ibn Abi Talib, the first Imam of Muslims.
She is one of the members of Ahl aL-bayt. Fatimah is the object of the veneration, love, and respect of all Muslims and an inspiring example for them.
I think this name is beautiful and exotic. I love the way it sounds, and its spelling. It sounds like "fatty-muh"? Whatever. It's nice to me.
Fatty-muh. Not a good name. Sorry.
I knew a Fatimah once who used the spelling: Fatima. Her nickname was Timmy.
Hmm, I think this name is beautiful. Hey, I usually don't like variant spelling but what about this Fitima or Fitimah! Instead of "fat" make it "fit". And you can use Fifi as a nickname. Cute :)! And I'm also learning about Fatimah in History Class.

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