What a unique name! I've never heard it before and I really like it! It's similar to Fiona, but definitely different. I think Fianna actually sounds better.
Fianna Fáil is an Irish political party.
Usages: Irish (Modern), English (Modern, Rare)

Pronunciation: FʸEE-ə-nə /ˈfʲi.ə.n̪ˠə/ (Irish), FEE-ə-nə /ˈfiː.ə.nə/ (English)

Meaning: From the plural form of either fia meaning "deer" (from Proto-Celtic *wēdus meaning "wild") or fiann meaning "soldier, warrior" (from Proto-Celtic *wēnos meaning "hero," from Proto-Indo-European *wenh₁- meaning "wish, desire," cognate with Irish fine meaning "family group"). The plural form of the latter refers to a band of warrior heroes in Irish legend and it is also used in part of proper nouns, such as that of the political party Fianna Fáil (Fáil being the genitive form of Fál, a legendary name for Ireland).

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