Cool. Fiery babe.
noisynora  12/26/2020
Reminds me of the word 'fiery.' I like it.
Skygray15  11/17/2013
This reminds me of fiyero, the Spanish word for fire. I think it's a great name, very strong, and I don't mind the meaning.
magicalhannah7  8/14/2009
Fiyero is not the word for fire in Spanish, that is "fuego". In Spanish, "Fiera" means beast, a wild animal.
― Anonymous User  8/16/2016
Author and English professor Richard Lederer wrote in his book "Fractured English" that a truck with this name had been introduced by Ford Motors to the Spanish-speaking market, only to find that it meant "ugly old woman" in Spanish.
gaelruadh19  1/29/2007
Pronounced fee-AIR-uh.

I was told that "Fiera" in Spanish means "wild one" and is used as an insult to mean the woman is likely to claw your eyes out, uncivilized, etc. I was also told that in Esperanto fiera is an adjective meaning "proud" (from fiero, which means "pride"). It's not feminine and it's not used as a name. The feminine form would be fierina "she-proud" which doesn't make too much sense and since it is used as a name and a noun it should probably be Fiero or Fierino anyway. Esperanto did not originally use names that end in -a. Indo-European speakers could not grasp the idea of a feminine name that ended in -o so Esperantists allowed for the -a ending, but the -o is still more correct.
lawruh  6/13/2006
This is a really beautiful name. Plus, the meaning is an added bonus. Not something you hear everyday (probably because it's from Esperanto), but still very pretty to look at and say.
Kekepania  1/28/2006

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