Pina would be a cute nickname. :)
― Anonymous User  12/10/2018
A Filipina is a term used to describe a woman from the Philippines. This name is like naming your kid Hispanic or Chinese.
bananarama  8/30/2008
Sorry, but no, it isn't. What you're saying is right as long as you're referring to the American/English language usage. However, this is a Polish name, and in Polish, the word for a woman from the Philippines is "Filipinka". It may sound similar, but nobody would confuse that. You could argue that one could use "Filipinka" as a diminutive for the name "Filipina", but normally Polish pet names tend to be shorter that full names, so it would more likely be something like "Filipka" or even "Fisia", or something like that. In addition, while you don't hear a lot about Philippines in everyday conversation around here, everyone is familiar with the name "Filip". So that's what they're more likely to think about when they hear the name, even though it is a bit rare.
Sorry for the rant, but, well, I felt it needed to be said. It's such a pretty name.
― Anonymous User  6/8/2012

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