I think Fiorella Rue would be a cute combination!
Jessarii  8/21/2020
Fiorella Mannoia (Italian pronunciation: [fjoˈrɛlla manˈnɔːja]; born 4 April 1954) is an Italian singer.
justpeachy  9/7/2019
This is such a sweet name! This website isn’t the first place I’ve seen it though. My mother’s friend and her husband named their daughter Fiorella a few years back. Later they opened a restaurant and named it Fiorella as well. I’m not sure Fiorella suits their little girl as she is a feisty little thing and definitely not a “Little Flower” as her name suggests. They call her Fio. This is one of the most beautiful Italian names out there.
Theatrenamelover  5/9/2019
It's a bit too frilly.
kayisforkeen  11/11/2018
Honestly, I do not agree when people say that the name Fiorella is known or used more in Italy or Ecuador... this dumb stuff happens all the time in school to me, ending point I'm Ecuadorian and it is not popular here. There are a few people, for example, my name is Fiorella and I only know one person who has my name... but it can and eventually will spread through cultures and people. For example, my next door neighbor (he's Mexican and I don't see many Fiorella's that are from Mexico) got inspiration for his niece's name from mine.
fiorellavizuette  7/30/2017
Fiorella Mattheis is a Brazilian model, television host and actress. She is the daughter of race car driver Andreas Mattheis. The 27-year-old began modeling as a young teenager and at the age of 15, moved to Sao Paulo, which is when her career took off and she slowly diversified into acting. She has been in a relationship with Pato since 2014.
lilolaf  2/22/2017
This is the name of the famous Italian singer Fiorella Mannoia (1954-) who started her career in 1968.
Felie  2/18/2017
That's my name, I'm from Ecuador and here it's common.
FiorellaAvila  7/11/2014
This was the name of my mom's maternal grandmother, who was an immigrant from Calabria in southern Italy. I barely remember her, but I think I would like to use this name to honor her.
Buneary  12/26/2012
"Fiorella"'s Italian pronunciation:


In "Fior" stress the "I" to "EE," "O" as in "Oh," complete with a rolling of the "R" (keep in mind that this run, when spoke, may equal the ranks of "Fyor," moreso). "E" as in "Eyh," or otherwise near "Aye." Both "L"s must be pronounced-- which is most easily accomplished by placing extra emphasis on the letter before (in this case: "E") and following slowly through to one and then the other.
Francesca  5/28/2011
Fiorello La Guardia was an American politician of Italian origin -has an airport named after him.
Anton  3/9/2010
Fiorella is a darling name, uncommon but would fit in well with other '-ella' named girls today.
vomiting  12/28/2009
The name is just too cutesy and feminine, like a character from a picture book geared towards little girls. I think that this would be an adorable mouse name, though.
Wilted  6/14/2009
Fiorella is such a pretty name, and it's a shame that it's not so common, in fact I've never even heard of a person with this name. If you wanted something delicate and unique this would be the perfect name.
Courtney_ann  7/16/2008
It's a very pretty name, but I can't quite get past the fact that this is the name of a clothes store in Oulu, Finland, which is where I was born and where I lived up to age 7, after which I have basically visited the town several times. The store itself has only been there since my teens as far as I know, but that's the association this name has for me. The name sounds a bit over-the-top as well, but I must admit it's very nice.
slight night shiver  5/25/2008
I really like this name. It has a beautiful meaning ("little flower") and is very exotic-sounding. It also looks very feminine and gentle on paper; it retains this when spoken, but also gains a sort of strength when verbalized, too. Given the fact that it is a rather unusual name, and would probably be mispronounced frequently, I probably wouldn't use this name as a first name, but I'd definitely consider using it as a middle name.
out of the sky  9/1/2007

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