The Old Irish form is Fland.
In modern Irish, Flann is pronounced in three different ways according to the three main dialects:
Gaedhlig Uladh [Ulster Irish, northern] has /fˠl̻ˠan̻ˠ/ kind of like English "flan";
Gaeilge Chonnacht [Connaught Irish, western] has /fˠl̻ˠaːn̻ˠ/ like English "lawn" with an f before it;
Gaelainn na Mumhan [Munster Irish, southern] has /fˠl̻ˠaun̻ˠ/ like English "clown" if it began with an f.
Sorry, I can't separate this name in my mind from the flan dessert. :-(
Flann would be a good name for a boy, choose Flannery for a girl. Flann and Flannery are both names I like.
A flan is an English sort of pie with no top.
I love this name! It's cute, I like it as male rather than female. I had some Flan today ^^ lol.
Flann is a Gaelic expression which means "ruddy complected."
Flann doesn't mean red in Irish Gaelic. Red in Irish Gaelic is dearg.
Flann O'Brien was the best known pseudonym of Brian O'Nolan (in Irish Brian Ó Nuallain) the twentieth century Irish satirist and humorist.
A variation of the name would be Flannery - as in Flannery O'Conner, a 20th-century author.

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