Sounds like the noise of someone throwing up. "Fleuuughrr".
Fleur Delacour is exactly what comes to mind when I think of this name. Don't really like it, but the meaning's nice.
I like it. It's not bad then so cute and elegant.
Ridiculous name.
Not keen on the sound, lovely meaning though.I associate the sound with the expression of disapproval 'urgh'.
This is my name! It's a little odd but it is a beautiful gift from my parents so I could never hate it. It's so unique that it feels like it's just mine, so it's hard to critique or gush about it (though on other people I think it's very pretty). My only gripe is it's one syllable so I've never had a nickname, and I always feel bad for anyone who has to pronounce it. Fair warning to any future parents, any name tags you buy will have to be custom!
Also Flemish:
In France, this name has been in use since the Middle Ages and was originally used in honor of Saint Fleur (whose name was a translation of the Gascon Flor):
It also featured in the French Republican Calendar (also known as the Revolutionary Calendar): [noted -ed]
Fleur from k-12, a film made by Melanie Martinez.
Fleur means "flower" in French. Though France doesn't have a national official flower, the fleur-de-lis (which was a symbol of the French Royal family) represents the French tri-colored national flag (alongside the blue corn flower, white marguerite, and red poppy). All flora mentioned are widely considered French national flowers.Source:
Beautiful. It sounds elegant without being over the top. I would love my name to be Fleur.
Also Judeo-French and Judeo-Anglo-Norman.
Source: Seror, Simon "Les noms des femmes juives en Angleterre au Moyen Âge".
I don't like this name, sorry. I even like Fleurette a little better.
Ugh. I don't like the sound. Flur.
Hello my name is Fleur and I really love it. I like that its meaning is French for flower and that it’s so unique. I’ve actually never met another Fleur!
I’m from Australia and back in the 90’s there was a tampon called ‘Libra Fleur Tampons’. I did experience the odd person (mostly guys) tell me I was named after a tampon but it wasn’t that bad. Libra has since dropped the ‘Fleur’ from their marketing so most people don’t even associate it with it anymore. Now that I’m older most people tell me that it’s a lovely name.
Fleur means 'Flower' in French. But in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, they called Fleur Delacour 'Phlegm.' Please don't confuse those two things. Anyway, Fleur is a nice name. By the way, the 'r' is silent like most French words. It's pronounced 'Fluh' (don't pronounce the h either). The 'eu' is very smooth and nice. It sounds like a 'u' but it also sounds like a mix of e and u. It sounds very posh and French. French is usually thought of as posh, so that makes sense. Also, Delacour can be separated into 'de la cour' which, according to Google translate, meant 'of the yard.'For anyone wondering who Fleur Delacour is, she's a French Harry Potter character who studies in Beauxbatons. She was first featured in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, as a Triwizard Tournament champion. She later became Bill Weasley's wife.
I really don’t like it. Fleur, it looks & sounds like it’s an offensive word or something. It makes me cringe, I’m sorry!
Fleur Pellerin is a French former civil servant, businesswoman and socialist politician who served as French government minister from 2012 to 2016. Pellerin was born in 1973 in Seoul, South Korea, where she was abandoned on the streets only three or four days' old before being rescued by an orphanage; six months later she was adopted by a French family. According to her adoption records she was called Kim Jong-Suk, although it is unclear how she came by that name. Raised by middle-class parents — her father, who has a doctorate in nuclear physics, is a small-business owner — she grew up in two Paris suburbs, Montreuil and Versailles.
This is a cute name, as well as Flora.
I only knew one girl with this name. It is quite rare in France nowadays.
Well, as the owner/ operator of Fleur, I love my name. It is always a conversation starter. Sure some small minded people feel it necessary to take the mick out of my name - seriously I don't get why, I guess it's just jealousy from having a less unusual name but I've heard it all before. I'm of French Canadian descent, hence how I got my name. Though it is a French name it's not that common there.
This name sounds so delicate and innocent. I would like it as a middle name more than as a first name, though.
Fleur Delacour is the Beauxbatons champion for the Triwizard Tournament, in Harry Potter.
In Australia, Fleur is a brand of tampon. No matter how nice it sounds, you would have to hold a gun to my head to make me put my child through the agony of this name and its association.
The fleur-de-lis has been used as royal symbol and as a symbol for the Virgin Mary in religious art.
Fleur manages to come across as both an undeniably feminine and also no-nonsense name.
Fleur Agema is a Dutch politician.
American writer Fleur Cowles (1908-2009). Her birth name was Florence Friedmann.
Beautiful. Makes me think of some medieval Norman beauty.
This name is ugly. It looks like the Dutch name Floor, only pronounced in a "fancy" way. This name makes me think of a snooty faux-French girl who is obsessed with fashion and poodles.
I think the original fictional bearer was Fleur Forsyte, daughter of Soames and Annette, in John Galsworthy's "The Forsyte Saga" published in the 1920s.
Prominent New Zealand-born, British-based poet Fleur Adcock (b. 1934), recipient of the Queen's Medal for Poetry in 2006.
I think this is one of the prettiest one-syllable female names; I like the fact that it has historic roots, having been used occasionally in Angevin England owing to Norman influence, and is not a mere concoction of John Galsworthy.
Very pretty. Sounds fine in an English accent.
Nice idea, but it sounds horrible in English. Fluuurrr. Like "Urgh". Or a bit like Claire in a Scouse accent. It also gives off a pretentious, precious vibe. Plus, it reminds me of a character I found really, really irritating on Home and Away, oh, about 10 years ago, but she was that annoying that I see her face when I hear the name! I do like Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter, though!
Can either sound really pretty or really pretentious. Depends on the bearer, I guess. I happen to like it.
A variation on this name is Blancefleur, one of the main characters in "Floris and Blancefleur". It's a medieval Dutch love story.
This name may have a cute meaning, but it sounds flat out ugly. It also sounds quite pretentious in English usage, and I once got exposed to the cruel, cold-hearted, nasty writing of a Scottish poet with this name (her surname escapes me). Now the name always makes me think of the visceral reaction I got to her writing and attitude.
Between 1900-2006, 3421 babies were named Fleur in France. 158 in 2006. A very uncommon but old French name. St Fleur of Beaulieu (also known as Flora) is notable as is the Harry Potter character.
Why is the usage English when this is a French word and name? [noted -ed]
I have learned not to trust this site too much when it comes to the usage of a name. A lot of English names are used in the Netherlands as well and that's never stated here. I've never actually met a French girl named Fleur but I'm sure they use it, it's very nice!
Fleur is a gorgeous name. :) So French and perfect.
It's a bit frilly, but still I like it.
Liked this name a lot better before Fleur from Harry Potter came about. She created one of those associations I don't like. The name is still awesome though.
Just listen to it! It reminds me of McFlurry at McDonald's.
I love this name, it is so sweet and innocent!
I first saw this name in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I really love it and think it's so pretty. I love French names, they're so delicate and beautiful.
My daughter would be Fleur, as her name is a delicate yet beautiful name for a strong girl like my daughter. Long live the name Fleur and my daughter too.
In the Alchemy, a book by Gilbert Morris and Lynn Morris, there is a character named Fleur Avenall.
In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire there is a character named Fleur Delacour.
Fleur Delacour's middle name is Isabelle.
Fleur Delacour means 'flower of the court' in French.
Fleur Delacour actually means flower of the heart.
The name Fleur Delacour actually does mean "flower of the court". The French word for heart is "le coeur", which sounds similar but is a completely different word. Also "la cour" is grammatically feminine, whereas "le coeur" is grammatically masculine.This is not a common name at all, and I have never before heard it used.

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