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The Portuguese form of Florentius is spelled with a diacritic, namely: Florêncio. As such, it's probably better to create a separate entry for the Portuguese form. [noted -ed]

Notable bearers of the name include the Brazilian composer Florêncio José Ferreira Coutinho (c. 1750-1819) and the Brazilian painter Florêncio (b. 1947), whose birth name is José Carlos dos Santos.

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Florencio Randazzo in an Argentine Justicialist Party politician, and formerly the Minister of the Interior and Transport.
Florencio Amarilla Lacasa was a Paraguayan footballer, coach and later actor. He played as a striker. Amarilla was born in Bogado, Paraguay. He started his career in with Club Nacional in Paraguay before being transferred to Europe to play for teams like Elche CF and Real Oviedo of Spain.

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