I wish this name was actually used today, it's frilly but strong at the same time.
Also Gascon and Provençal: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Also Romanian:
You'll find numerous bearers on social media. [noted -ed]
Also Polish: --- mention Floriana as a variant
Floriana is also used in the Spanish-speaking world (primarily Latin America) and the Portuguese-speaking world (primarily Brazil).

Also, I personally think that the description for this name should be changed to "Feminine form of Florianus (see Florian)", because Floriana was a Late Roman name before it was an Italian, Spanish and Portuguese name. Those languages and the countries in which they are spoken didn't yet exist when Florianus and Floriana first came into use as given names. [noted -ed]

With that said, here are a few relevant links that show that Floriana is used in the hispanophone world and the lusophone world:

- (in Spanish)
- (general):
* (lists only bearers living in Brazil)
* (lists only bearers living in Portugal)
* (lists only bearers living in Spain)
- Argentina:
- Brazil:
- Mexico:
- Portugal:
- Puerto Rico:
- Spain:
Sweet name.
Floriana is also used in Albania.
Sounds pretty, like a red rose. I love it, sounds like an adorable princess!

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