I'm not so sure if Florianus is in fact an ancient Roman name. Its most famous bearer, the Roman emperor, must have been born around 200 AD (as he died in 276 AD), which is well after the advent of Christianity. In other words: he lived in late Roman times. I can't find any Roman bearers that were born before him, or rather, in pre-Christian times. As such, it might perhaps be better to change the usage of this name to Late Roman, as you have done with most of the Flor- names.

Also compare:

-* (features three Flor- names with the usage of Ancient Roman)

-* (features six Flor- names with the usage of Late Roman)

It generally seems that Flor- names were more common (or first came into use) in late Roman times than in ancient Roman times, so it would certainly make sense for Florianus to be Late Roman rather than Ancient Roman.
Lucille  1/10/2019

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