Florine de Leymarie is a French alpine skier. She participated in the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Turin. She was named Rookie of the year 2005 alongside David Poisson by the French Ski federation.
I actually really like the name Florine. Maybe because it's my good friend's name. You don't hear it too often, but I think it's pretty and sweet. To be honest, it doesn't really remind me of chlorine or fluoride...
Makes me think of fluorine and chlorine.
I don’t care if it’s close to a cleaning tool, it’s still a lovely name. A perfect middle name for a girl with a boyish first name. Very feminine. (:
Looks like urine.
I think Florine sounds quite pretty, but it does sound too close to fluorine.
Lol, it sounds like fluorine.
Florine is a strange name.
Florine was the name of the princess in Madame d'Aulnoy's fairy tale The Blue Bird.
Florine Stettheimer (born 1871 in Rochester, New York) was an American artist and painter.
This name sounds oddly like a chemical. Apparently, I'm not alone in this opinion.
Hm. I like this name, but it also sounds a bit like chlorine. I'm thinking of maybe using this name for a character of mine, whose name previously was Floella.
Florine is a pretty name. It's old enough to be classic, but it is definitely not boring. The fact that it sounds like "fluorine" shouldn't bother anyone -- just makes for a fun little pun when Florine is in high school chemistry. By then, I highly doubt she'll be ridiculed for it.
Isn't Florine in the Periodic Table? Only spelt different?

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