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I like Florrie but not as a first name, I wish there was something more sophisticated to use as a first name with this being the nickname. Unfortunately, I don’t like the names that use this nickname.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2018
A famous bearer is Florrie Fisher, a motivational speaker in the '60s and '70s who would travel to various high schools and talk about her former life as a prostitute and heroin addict. She became a bit of a cult figure, due to her iconic Brooklyn accent, distinctive appearance, and exaggerated tales of her past. However, she faded into obscurity in the '80s. Nobody really knows what happened to her. Today, she's most famous for being the inspiration of the character Jerri Blank from the cult TV show 'Strangers With Candy'.

Either way, this is a cutesy name. It's best as a nickname, though.
DestructoGirl  8/8/2009
It's cute, for a pet name of a child. But I like it.
uniqeable-girl  8/5/2007

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