It can also be a Masculine name, making it a UNISEX name.

In the USA, it was given as a name to 7 boys in 2014.

In England, it was also given to 9 boys in 2007. (Just type "Fortune" in the 'add the name' section and see.)

On a side note: Only THREE girls in England were given the name 'Fortune' in 2007. [noted -ed]
LionB3  2/14/2020
Fortune Feimster is a hilarious comedian born in 1980. I joined just to post that.

But then when I looked her up to make sure I spelled it right, I found out that her full name is actually Emily Fortune Feimster. So thus, that. She does use the name Fortune in her professional life!
EffieTerezeDane  2/6/2020
Ridiculous and ugly.
Curious me  10/4/2018
Funny name. If you like the meaning, you should use Felicity.
kayisforkeen  8/26/2018
In a weird way, I think it's cute. Maybe as a middle name.
― Anonymous User  4/21/2018
I quite like this, but as a masculine name. I'd definitely use this for a character, but not one of my own children.
thefancyapple  6/23/2012
To me, this sounds more masculine, but either way it's a nice name, though I wouldn't use it, but I can see why people would, though I guess some people would think it a bit trashy, but I'm not like that.
BonVoyage  4/1/2010
Singer Mika stated once that he has a brother called Fortune, pronouncing it 'For-tune-ay'.
Luangi  12/15/2009
While names like Fortunata are rather pretty, these "word names" in English sound stripper-y.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2009
I guess I'm of the minority that likes this name.
Alaric  4/3/2009
Sorry, but this is an extremely unbearable name in my opinion. (no offense!)
missBridget  7/8/2008
Sorry but I don't like this as a name. It doesn't have a nice sound in my opinion. I've heard worse, however.
― Anonymous User  7/1/2008
This would be quite an ironic name on an unfortunate woman. It sounds like a corny and ugly name to have.
slight night shiver  4/22/2008

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