Worried that Fraser would constantly be called Frasier even after correcting people.
Brendan Fraser shares this name.
James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, the infamous red headed Scot from the Outlander series.
Fraser Doherty MBE is a Scottish entrepreneur from Edinburgh. He is the founder of SuperJam, Envelope Coffee, and co-founder of Beer52. He is also director of the registered Scottish charity, The SuperJam Tea Parties.
Dr. Frasier Crane (played by Kelsey Grammer), from the TV shows "Cheers" and later "Frasier," is a famous bearer.
Frazer Hines played Second Doctor companion Jamie McCrimmon.
I read somewhere that it means "guardian of the woods". I think that's a great meaning although I haven't been able to find it since!
Fraser has also been used as a female name.
The name has popularly been associated with the French 'fraise' - strawberry, and the original forms Fresel and Friselle were probably altered by this association. The Gaelic form is Friseal.

Beware, several less reputable baby name sources have the strawberry derivation.
It sounds a bit pretentious and harsh as a first name.
Elizabeth Fraser from the Cocteau Twins is a famous bearer of the surname. She has one of the most beautiful voices in musical history.
Fraser isn't too bad of a boy's name. It makes me think of a studious man.

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