Fulgencio is Joe’s real name on Modern Family.
Fulgencio S. "Jun" Factoran Jr. (November 2, 1944 – April 5, 2020) was a Filipino lawyer, politician, human rights activist, pro-democracy activist, and advocate for freedom of the press in the Philippines. Factoran was a key opponent of the Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship.
Normally I like Spanish names, but I've always hated this name. It sounds awfully geriatric, slightly pompous, and it makes me think of a dictator (which is quite fitting given that it was the name of Cuba's dictator before Castro).
I think this is a fantastic name. Not only the sound but the meaning is wonderful too. I'm trying to think what it could be shortened to. Cio, Fuller, Genke, Gencio... Is there a common nickname for Fulgencio?
Fulgencito is a nickname, although it's very rare.
Fulgencio Batista, corrupt pro-US Cuban president exiled and succeeded by Fidel Castro just before 1960.

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