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A famous bearer (since the Harry Potter series is so popular) is the wandmaker Garrick Ollivander.

Also, there's a character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine whose name is spelled Garak but pronounced like this name. He's an exiled Cardassian tailor and former spy (well, he switches back and forth between "former" and "current", the show has a lot of politics in it), and surprisingly one of the best developed characters in the show.
El is a Beth  6/17/2016
This is my husband's name and I've always loved it! It is phonetic so when people see it in writing they are always able to pronounce it. Plus it is really uncommon.

On the downside, EVERYONE he meets thinks he's saying "Garrett" and there aren't any nicknames.
SpicyWolf  10/9/2009
Apparently in a Native American tribe it translates to "beautiful mountain". I don't remember which one.
garrick  1/30/2005

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