Typical balding 48 year old man with a horrible personality.
I love this name, I see it on a kind and sweet boy. It has a stronger sound than Gary, I like both but I like Garry a little more. A character from the game Ib has this name.
Garry Neil Drummond Sr. Was an American heir, business executive, and philanthropist from Alabama. He served as the chairman and chief executive officer of the Drummond Company, a private coal company active in Alabama and Colombia.
This is a female name in the case of Kate Garry Hudson.
Garry Moore, American entertainer, born Thomas Garrison Morfit III.
Garry Kasparov was the co-founder of the Professional Chess Association. He was the youngest ever world champion (for FIDE) in 1985.
Garry ''Gaz'' Cobain, the other member of Future Sound of London. Their electronic and ambient tracks sounded ahead of their time in the 1990s.
This is actress Kate Hudson's middle name.

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