Gavino Contini (12 December 1855 – 24 July 1915) was a Sardinian poet, was probably the greatest exponent of improvised poetry of Sardinia, certainly the most beloved. In a poetry contest for Victor Emmanuel II's birthday was awarded in recognition of his art, a life annuity.
Gavino Gabriel (Tempio Pausania, 1881 – Rome, 1980) was an Italian composer, ethnomusicologist scholar of Sardinian music, especially that of Gallura, and has written and published many essays on the subject.
Gavino Ledda (born 30 December 1938) is an author and a scholar of the Italian language and of Sardinian. He is best known for his autobiographical work "Padre Padrone" (1975). The book was awarded with the Premio Viareggio and was published in forty languages.
This is the Italian and Corsican variant of Gavin.
Italian pronunciation:Gah-VEE-Noh"A" is as in "Father." Stress your "I" to "EE." Finish with a rounded "O," "Oh." [noted -ed]

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