Gives an impression of a prince or a royalty. A famous bearer is the Bulgarian Tsar Gavril Radomir who ruled in 11th century.
My great grandfather's first name, as written on my grandfather's birth certificate, was Gavrilo. This was during the existence of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and in the Municipality Sabac, which is now part of Serbia. The shortened and familiar version of the name is Gaja. My cousin, born in Australia, is named after our great grandfather and is commonly known as Guy.
I prefer this to Gabriel. For some reason I find the "v" sound more masculine.
This is my father's last name. He was born in Nezhin, Chernigov region, Ukraine where it's pronounced with a soft 'L'. It is pretty rare in Russia and Ukraine, though variations of it like Gavrilenko, Gavrilevsky, etc are very common.

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