Gayle the alligator is one of my favorite villagers. I love the association with Animal Crossing but don't like this name in general.
This name sounds kinda chubby to me.
I prefer Gail.
The "gay" part is going to cause teasing.
Abigail AKA Gayle or Gail would be gorgeous but Gail/Gayle is too plain.
My mother thought she invented the spelling of "Gayle." I was given the name in revenge. Eight years earlier my sister was born as "Sandra." People started calling her "Sandy," and my mother did not like nicknames. So, she thought of a one syllable name with no nicknames and an unusual spelling. Thanks, Mom. My name was even misspelled on my wedding certificate. To this day, when asked my name I say,"GaYle." In revenge I don't use nicknames: I call my husband of 46 years, "Richard," not Ric as he prefers. There was one comment that said, "Nothing rhymes with Gayle." In elementary school I was called, "Gayle, Gayle, the big fat whale." Sometime names don't "stick." I have been called many other "G" names, until I tell the big fat whale story. A name is a label and you can't judge a book by its cover.
I always get told my name is pretty but unusual for my age group (I'm 29). I always have to spell it out to everyone as they always spell it Gail, inside of Gayle. I guess I have got used to my name. As I know many people with my name but different spelling and also a lot older than me.
Born in the 1950s, I now see how popular it was in that era. I've always liked my name but no one ever spells it correctly so I've gotten used to spelling it for them. I hope Gayle makes a comeback. Who wouldn't like to carry a name that means "happy and joyful"?
Gayle is the name of Garry Gergich's wife on the American sitcom, Parks & Recreation.
Gayle King is an American television personality. She has appeared as the co-anchor of CBS This Morning and an editor-at-large for O, The Oprah Magazine. King was born in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Her father was an electrical engineer and her mother was a homemaker. As a result of her father's work, King spent several years of her childhood in Turkey, where she attended an American school. The family later returned to Maryland. She graduated from the University of Maryland in 1976 with a double degree in psychology and sociology. King then moved to Kansas City, Missouri where she was a reporter and weekend anchor at WDAF-TV. In 1981, she was hired as a news anchor for WFSB in Hartford, Connecticut, where she worked for 18 years. Part of that time, she lived in Glastonbury, CT. In 1991, King briefly cohosted an NBC daytime talk show with Robin Wagner called Cover to Cover which was cancelled after 13 weeks. In 1997 she was offered her own syndicated talk show, The Gayle King Show, which was cancelled after one season due to low ratings.
Who in their right mind would choose this spelling?
If you want to use the name, go with Gale or Gail to avoid setting your child up for a life of cruel remarks and teasing.
I prefer this as a feminine name. I like it better than Gail or Gale.
The peak of this name's popularity was in 1950, which makes it a Midcentury Modern name. Midcentury Modern has made a trendy comeback in architecture and design, so why not in names?

I used to think this name (yes, it's mine) was boring, and wondered why my parents chose it, but I have come to appreciate it. It's simple and modern sounding, the spelling is pretty, and I never got saddled with an annoying nickname.

P.S. And I'm very cheerful.
Gale or Gail to avoid the 'gay'. Never met a cheerful Gayle though. That says a lot.
I like it spelled Gail better.
This name is 1000% better than Gay. I would only use it as middle name though.
My research shows that "Gayle" is derived from the Old English spelling for "gaily", meaning "happy", as is the spelling, "Gail". Spelled "Gael", it refers to the Gaels, who were originally an Irish tribe who have subsequently spread to Scotland and the Isle of Man, and appear to be the originators of the Gaelic language. Spelled "Gale", it is simply an English synonym for "wind storm".
My sister's name is Gayle and it fits her so well. Gayle is a name that grows up with a girl and serves an adult just as nicely as an impish little tomboy like my sis. I love this name -- it's simple and clean sounding. Rolls off the tongue and doesn't rhyme with anything mean (believe me, when we were younger, I tried!). This name deserves a revival.
There is a novelist named Gayle Callen.
From what I read on some keychain it said that Gayle is a wonder woman.
Gayle means happy God or God is happy. It is a Hebrew name.
Crystal Gayle is a country singer.

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