Gemini is a strong name with a presence. I love the nickname Gem or Star for this name, I do feel people can not like the name and be respectful about it. I don't feel it needs a gender addition like Geminia. Gemini is fine by itself. I love how dramatic and passionate it sounds as a name. If names like Lyra and Nova can become popular...why not Gemini. Gemini is more than a zodiac sign, it's part of the stars. Why is it that names like Susan, Elizabeth, Chris and John are still respected but trying out new names is considered out there? Those were new names at one point too and I feel there's nothing about Gemini that can't make it a fun new name. I meet a lot of people who want a fresh name that is not in the top 1,000 but they don't want to take the leap and find a daring name until it becomes the top 100.
I find it funny that I have always pronounced it the Latin way.
So I like Gemini's as a zodiac sign. I'm not too sure about it as a first name. I think if it was a name a cute nickname would be Gem.
It sounds really pretty but a child with this name will probably get teased.
People with THIS sign are born in the dates May 21st - June 20th.
GEMINI can also be FEMININE making it UNISEX.

In the USA, it was given to 23 girls in 2002.
In the UK, it was also given to 4 girls in the years 2000 and 2004.
Do people EVER make nice comments on this website, instead of stupid negative ones, when finding a name this unique?

I must be the only person who does. I like how it has the word gem and is a star sign, which makes it so dramatic.
I would like this name loads more of it weren't for the zodiac.
I like it for girls, but I pronounce it in Swedish - YEM-mi-nee.
I personally find it's okay, but you might want to modify it to a masculine or feminine singular (Geminus and Gemina respectively) before giving it to your child. And even then, please, use it as a middle name, as advised by fellow user Slight Night Shiver *points above*.
People will immediately assume, and rightly so, that you picked this name for astrological reasons, and that is going to make you look superstitious, and the name just seems tacky.
Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio! Except it was spelled Jiminy not Gimini.
Gemini is the name of Jarod's clone and the cloning project in the Pretender.
Gemini can also be used as a female's name.

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