I love it. Georgina is a beautiful name because it's so nice and lovely ❤❤.
A bit working class.
Georgina is a beautiful and gorgeous name. It's going to be a name for a future daughter as mentioned on my profile.I apologize if this is bothering people who comment here, but could you PLEASE STOP removing several usage without reason?! This has happened since several usage for some names were removed: First Abigail, next Amelia, etc. And now Georgina. It's tacky and makes me hurt when someone does that.
Full of sound, but kind of bland in feeling. Too ordinary somehow, doesn't seem to spark up in the way that it should. Can still be trendy and stylish, though.
I love this name. My BFF is called Georgina... most people call her Geo or Georgie. She is really nice, and, as we're in Year 6 (11 years old) it is most certainly not an old lady's name.
I don’t like the name Georgina. It sounds yucky, ugly and dated. Georgia is better, but I don’t like George and its variants.
My name is Georgina and I absolutely hate it. I can't find any good nicknames from it, most people call me something like Georgie, George, Gigi or Gia and it's awful. At school my teachers could never get it right, they would either say Georgiana or Georgia and it was awful. I honestly hate my name and I'm really annoyed that my parents chose it for me. I think it's a nice name for other people but it isn't a name I connected with.
Very feminine and beautiful name.
My name is Georgina and I go by Ginny. My mam wanted to name me after her Great Auntie Ginny but wanted a longer fuller name. I love my name but it is sometimes mixed up with Georgia but I don’t really mind. Georgina Sparks is also the name of a character in the TV series Gossip Girl.
Georgina is also Polish. The name day for Georgina in Poland is February 15.
As a Georgina who goes mainly by Gina except at work, I love this name. It’s professional, fun and not too common in the U.K. but everyone knows it. It has always annoyed me when people call me Georgie though and sometimes people get it confused with Georgia. I would love to have been Georginia for added regal-ness and difference!
I'm called Georgina, and I'm quite young (14). When I was really young, I was nicknamed Nina, but I preferred my proper name ever since I was nine. People do say it's an older person's name, but I think it is not too awful, instead, very pretty. I think my middle name, Emily, goes well with it.
Cute but seems a bit dated in the UK.
Sort of sounds like Norwegian...
Allegedly also used in Polish:
I am also a Georgina. Named after my grandmother. It was shortened to Gina when I was a girl, but now I make sure everyone calls me by the full name. Some call me Georgie, which is okay too. My full name is Georgina Violet as all girls in my family are named after flowers.
Also used in Hungary: [noted -ed]
Also Catalan:
Sounds fancy but also has this country vibe all at once. Makes me think of someone fun. I love how soft and simple this name is, besides Georgia is the only feminine George name I like. I think Georgiana personally is a little bit extra with the second a. I honestly just see someone classy having this name. Like literally a princess or even a queen.
Georgina Sparks is a fictional character in the Gossip Girl novel series and a recurring character on the television series of the same name, in which she is portrayed by Michelle Trachtenberg. Georgina is a comical, scheming frenemy of the main characters.
I am a Georgina. I HATE being called Georgia or my name being spelt Georgie.
I'm usually called Georgi but don't mind George from time to time.
Overall, I love the name Georgina.
The name Georgina was given to 86 girls born in the US in 2016.
My name is actually Georgina. I liked being George or Gina, it's a part of me that I love.
Georgina Rodriguez is a Spanish model known for dating Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.
Georgina Rizk is a Lebanese model, socialite and beauty queen who is best known as being Lebanon's first and so far only Miss Universe. She is currently a main beauty pageant judge for the Miss Lebanon contest and is the current wife of Lebanese singer and actor Walid Toufic.
I prefer this name Georgina, as it is not as common, but everyone recognizes it as a 'common' name, if you know what I mean. I love this name and only know one person in real life with this name, and someone from a TV show. Quite ironic though, how much I love it since it is so very close to my last name.
I've always found that whenever I get a new phone I have to go through the whole teaching it to recognize Georgina thing before it finally stops auto correcting my name to Georgian!
Growing up I think I only encountered one other Georgina in my school, same class and everything! Now I have to deal with the confusion at work with Gina (who actually is a Georgina), Georgia, Georgia, Georgia, Georgina and myself. I mostly go by Georgi (or Georgie) but a few other names I've been called over the years are Gina George (after Mean Girls because it's so nearly Regina George), George, Gina, Genie, Ina (or Eena) or Gigi. Hate it when people call me Georgia which actually does happens a lot, I tend to respond to it with some quip about there being an n in there. I think the only nickname I haven't been given but I know a friend of a friend uses, is Nina... basically there are so many options with this name.
I like the name. It's the female version of George (Which is a name I like) so it gets marks for that. I named one of my characters Georgina. Shame it never caught on in the US though.
The name Georgina was given to 128 girls born in the US in 2015.
This is a name I really love. People call me: Gigi, George, Gina and sometimes Geo (Aussie slang). I am really grateful to have such a lovely and beautiful name. Georgina is a Greek name for farmer, and also a nickname for George.
Georgina "Gigi" Radics is a Hungarian singer of Romani descent who is best known for participating in A Dal 2013 and 2014.
Beautiful, elegant, just gorgeous. Makes a good sib-set with Philippa :)
I love my name. And I wanted to mention that mother of great scientist Nikola Tesla was named Georgina :)
Though I strongly disliked my name growing up, I am more than comfortable with it now. My parents chose to spell my name differently so I am Jorgina, mostly I am called Jorgi or just Jorge though. There is a British actress, Jorgie Porter who was born 10 years after I was and was christined as Jorgina.
It is also Scottish tradition to name your last child after the father. If no male heir is born, then you name your girl and add whatever end you find suitable to make it female. In my grandmother's case, it was -ina after her father George. Hence my spelling (since I am named after my grandmother), "Georgeina". No one ever seems to spell it the this way though. I feel lucky to have such a rare spelling of a beautiful name.
I love this name, it's elegant, intelligent, and underused. Gia is a possible cute nickname.
Georgina (GHE-or-ghee-na) is also used in Hungarian. Györgyi is very old fashioned, it's easily confused with Gyöngyi (=pearl), and Györgyike sounds ridiculous on an adult.
Georgina Helen "Georgie" Henley is an English actress, best known for her portrayal of Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia film series.
Georgina is a lovely name. It isn't too long or too short or too common! I have only known 2 other Georginas! It goes well with many middle names like Elizabeth, Isabelle/Isabel and Rebecca! It can have heaps of nick names like Georgie, Georgia, George and Gia and Gina! My favourite is George and then Georgie.
Can be hard to say, with the same hard letter pronounced twice.
I find the name too sugary, and it reminds me of trying to talk with your mouth full.
I think one of Charlie's grandmothers was names Georgina in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.
A fictional bearer of this name is Georgina Worsley from the British TV series Upstairs Downstairs.
I think this is a very pretty name, and I also like the related names Georgia and Georgiana. Jori is a nice nickname for this name.
This name is relatively popular in the UK, but quite rare nowadays in the US. This is probably because George and its other feminine variants are much more popular across the pond. In 2012, 113 American baby girls were named Georgina.
This name used to remind me of orangina, lol.
Georgina Evelyn France Gaskin (1866-1934) was a British Jeweller.
Lovely lovely name and I really like the names of a baby born last year whose parents chose the gorgeous combo Georgina Belle.
This is my cousin Georgie's name and I love it. It's got more potential for nicknames than Georgia and isn't so fussy as Georgiana which I only like pronounced like they do in England anyway - jor-jee-ah-nuh.
Besides that it's not overused like Georgia and Georgina isn't one of several Georginas in her class - all those Georgias out there can't say that!
It has just that little bit more to offer than Georgia and I prefer it to all the girl's "George" names.
I love this name because it sounds fun, but still intelligent.
One of my friends is called Georgina, and whilst I think this name is very lovely and old-fashioned, she likes to be called George. It suits her though because she isn't really a girly-girl. I haven't heard this name very much, so I don't think it's too common.
I like Georgina or Georgine. I love the nickname Georgie!
English-Czech actress Georgina Bouzová, born 1st June 1976, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey, England, UK. Her surname is pronounced "boh-zaw-va:".
Georgina feels to me like an overkill on Georgia.
I had an aunt named Georgina (who died at age eight), and it's one of my middle names which was given to me in her honor. I love the name Georgina, it's a long and strong Spanish name. It reminds me of the French name Charlotte. It seems old, but it is still beautiful. I'm very proud to carry this name.
Georgina is also the Slovak form.
I quite like being called Georgina because it's not really weird/ embarrassing, but then again it's not one of the most common names around. And it's nice to read everyone's comments about it (as they are mostly positive!) I LOVED the Famous Five so I got all my friends in primary school to call me George. My brothers still do. I can't stand Georgie or Gina though.
It has a Greek origin - gea - earth.
Well it is also a Serbian name, but rare - so I like it because of that. The flower Dahlia is called Georgina also.
In Serbian it is pronounced G (as give) E (as in bet) O (as in boat) R (as in right) G (give) I (bit) N (not) A (as in bath).
"Harry Potter" actor Rupert Grint has a younger sister named Georgina. Rupert has two more younger sisters, Charlotte and Samantha, and a younger brother, James.
The name Georgina also exists in Catalan.
In Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Mr. Darcy's little sister's name is Georgina, a well accomplished girl with excellent piano playing skill.
Actually, Mr. Darcy's sister in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice was called Georgiana, not Georgina.
Georgina is a one of the girls in the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton. She goes by George since she'd rather be a boy.
It is also used in Spanish, but it is pronounced: heh (as in "HEll"), or (as in "blue OR red"), HEE (as in "HE is cute") and na (as in "Nah!").
In Spanish, Georginas are often called Georgy, Gina or sometimes Geo.
It is also Portuguese.
I think Georgina is the best name in the whole entire world and if you're thinking of calling your child Georgina some great middle names would be Therese, Belle, Elizabeth, Lucia and Veronica.

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