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Gerda is a beautiful name if you mean the Scandinavian form. It is fascinating and very traditional. I like the link with 'The Snow Queen'.
Felie  11/27/2018
Queen Gerda of Arendelle is Elsa and Anna's mother in 'Once Upon a Time'. These characters are from 'Frozen'.
Felie  11/27/2018
Listen to the German pronunciation of Gerda here:
_satu_  9/3/2006
Gerda is pronounced with a soft G-sound, which would sound something like YAIR-dah in English.
Ylva  12/15/2005
Gerda was the name of the heroine of Hans Christian Andersen's children's tale "The Snow Queen". She went off on a long series of adventures to rescue her best friend, Kay (or Kai), from the Snow Queen who had kidnapped him.
Another bearer is an asteroid called "122 Gerda", which was discovered in 1872. It was named after Gerd (also called Gerda), wife of Freyr in Norse myth.
Randee15  1/11/2005
The name Gerda means Protected... and is in a Russian story book called the "sneshnaia karaleva" (Snow Queen). It's about a girl name Gerda and her twin brother, Kay. The evil snow queen captured Kay. Gerda went on a mission to save him.
gerda  1/8/2005

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