This is indeed, in origin, a Greek name.

Gerontius is the latinized form of Gerontios (Γερόντιος), which is derived from γέρων (geron) meaning "old man, dignified elder." Also compare Greek words like γερόντιον (gerontion) "little old man" and the verb γεροντιάω (gerontiaō) "to grow old". Even compare the modern English words 'gerontic' and 'gerontology', which derive from the same Greek root.

As such, Gerontius should also be categorised as Late Greek (Latinized), next to Late Roman (as the name was indeed borne by Romans as well).
This sounds like a good name for an old man (but not for a real old man), but definitely not for a child, real or fictional.
T.S. Eliot wrote a poem called "Gerontion", about the thoughts of an old man. He derived the title from the root of this name.

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