The Gethsemane Brown Mysteries is a cozy, paranormal mystery series by Alexia Gordon. "Murder in G Major", the first novel in the series, was nominated for the 2016 Agatha Award for Best First Novel.
I used to think this was pronounced Geth-suh-mane. I don't care for it.
Okay, my name is Gethsemane but I spell it like Getzemani. I look at it as a unique name. I like my name but yes, I think it would sound way better on a girl so I would also say don't feel bad about your name- look at it this way, you're one of a kind.
So my name is originally Gethsemane but my parents changed it to make it sound a bit better and called me Yestimani. Both of my parents and me are atheists but because of my name people always assume that I'm a Christian which is fine but it gets annoying after a while. I absolutely hate my name, I don't like the way it sounds, it is way too long and people keep forgetting or mispronouncing it all the time. I'm planning on changing my name as soon as I turn 18. Please do not name your child Gethsemane it will ruin their confidence and they'll most likely also end up hating it.
This is such a poetic sounding name, but I don't think it would fit a girl. It's a bit too much. Maybe a pet.
It's pretty. It would probably be a middle name if I ever used it, and I probably wouldn't, but it would be nice on someone else's child. Plus, as I am an atheist, I don't think I would use a biblical name.
An utterly beautiful name.
There is just something about Gethsemane that really strikes me as beautiful. To me it has similar qualities to Galadriel: it has an elegance, a graceful flow.
I don't know how I feel about this name. I love the meaning and connection behind it, but the harshness of the first syllable kinda turns me off. I'm not sure. I think I'd have to meet a Gethsemane in real life to form a strong opinion.
I pronounce it "get-SEM-a-nee".
Makes me think of a grandmother, or an old lady with fifteen cats.

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