I heard of this name when I was watching an Italian cooking competition and again in "Luca". It's adorable, sadly here in Argentina it's faaaar to rare, and in the world must be too, except in Italy, of course, but it's very pretty, a colorful, beachy name.
Giacomo Ricci is an Italian racing driver. Ricci began his car racing career by driving in the German-based Formula BMW ADAC series in 2001 and 2002, with a best finish of seventh in the drivers' championship.
According to ( Giacomo ranked 428th place in Switzerland (1997).
My full name is Giacomo but everyone calls me Jake or Jack; especially when I'm in an English speaking country. I don't like "James" used for Giacomo: It sounds so different from the original version of my name. Jim or Jimmy are also so far from my original name and I dislike them. In Italian as nicknames for Giacomo we have: Giacomino, Giaco, Giachi and Mino. Giacobbe and Jacopo are another forms of Giacomo, because they have the same etymology and the same meaning.
Giacomo is a character in the 'Baten Kaitos' series. His voice is provided by Yuri Lowenthal in English.
The pronunciation first given was correct. The "i" is only there to make the G pronounced as "j" rather than as a hard "g."
The name Giacomo was given to 38 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
It's harsh sounding. I wish I liked it, though, because I love Puccini's operas.
Giacomo Savelli was the birthname of Pope Honorius IV (Pontificate between 1285-1287).
Giacomo della Chiesa was the birthname of Pope Benedict XV (Pontificate between 1914-1922).
The Italian pronunciation which is currently listed is correct except for the beginning.


As you see, it starts with "Gia" (equaling: Jyah). There is no "JAH" in the Italian language. Without the "I" (key to the whole sound) it would simply be "Ga"-- the "G" would then be hard, "Gah." Let us continue. "O" is as usual, "O," for both found in the ending "Como."
Giacomo Balla (1871-1958) was an Italian painter.
Giacomo was the horse who won the 2005 Kentucky Derby.
Giacomo was the name of the jester in the 1955 movie "The Court Jester."
Giacomo Leopardi (Recanati, the Marches, June 29, 1798 – Naples, June 14, 1837) was an extremely famous Italian poet, essayist, philosopher, and philologist. Along with Dante Alighieri, he's considered to be one of Italy's greatest poets. His most notable works are the "Operette morali", the "Zibaldone" and the "Canti"; "L'infinito" ("The Infinite") is his best-known idyll.
Giacomo is the name of Sting's son.
If I'm correct, Giacomo was the real name of Casanova.
Giacomo is indeed the first name of Casanova, his birthname was Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt.
Famous bearer is Giacomo Puccini, an Italian opera composer.
I'm ninety-nine percent sure that Giacomo was the first name of the Italian lothario Casanova.

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