Giorgia Todrani (born 1971) is a famous Italian pop star. She started her musical career in 1992. Her songs are mainly about love, abandon, betrayals and breaking up. She has an impressive wide vocal extension.
Nowadays, the name Giorgia is very popular in Italy, while the masculine Giorgio isn’t.
Even if it has become quite common, I like it because of its meaning because it makes me think to light and success.
Giorgia Lupi is an Italian infographic designer and data analyser.
The name Giorgia might be hard to spell since in English we use Georgia, but I think it is a cute name and also a unique name.
Giorgia Todrani, best known as Giorgia is an Italian female singer, songwriter, musician, record producer and radio host. Known for her soulful voice, which is aided by a wide vocal range, high belting register and great vocal abilities. She is one of the most iconic and famous Italian singers. She has released ten studio albums, which all enjoyed good commercial success in Italy. Giorgia has become fairly well-known throughout Europe as an ambassador for Italian pop music, and has also achieved moderate success in Canada and Latin America.
In Italy Giorgia was hardly ever used before 1980. Then it has become fashionable: it was the 9th most popular name in Rome in 1991 and the 7th in 1994; 8th in Italy in 2004, 7th in 2006.
Giorgia Todrani is an Italian singer.

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