I doubt that the second element of this name means "cheek(ed)" in Persian. The modern Persian words for "cheek" are گونه (gune) and لپ (lop), which obviously look nothing like the second element:

• گونه (gune): (in English)
• لپ (lop): (in English)

I looked around and other sources state that the second element should mean "garden", "field" or "land", thus giving the whole name the meaning of "flowerbed", "flower garden" or "field/land of flowers". [noted -ed] (in English; the name can also be written as Gulzaar and Gulzar)
• Gulzar meaning "garden of flowers": (in English)
• Гульзар (Gulzar): (in Russian)
• Гулзар (Gulzar): (in Russian)
• زار (zar) meaning "desire, wish" as well as "groan, plaint, lamentation". Implying multitude as گل زار meaning "a garden of roses": see page 492 of "A Dictionary: Persian, Arabic and English" (1806) written by John Richardson: (in English)

Some of those sources even derive the second element from the Persian noun زر (zar) meaning "gold". However, that should be incorrect, since the spelling of that word is not reflected in the spelling of Golzar. (in English)
My greatly Americanized palate for names feels first the need to pronounce this as Gol-Zar, and then the need to name a supervillain Gol-Zar and then give that villain a redemption arc.

I like it, but for the character profile I get from it, not what my future kids will look like. If that makes any sense.

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