It's a good win jackpot.
Good wine? What the hell lol.
Goodwin Liu, an American lawyer, educator and an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of California.
Goodwin "Goody" Rosen was a Canadian center fielder in Major League Baseball.
"Goodwin" I simply find unsuitable for a first name-- or any name (surname excluded), for that matter. I immediately imagine a tire company upon hearing this. This is an unprofessional, an uneducated, unintelligent, pompous, near pretentious, childish name... ugly, to finish off. The nicknames that pair are atrocious-- "Goody"? Isn't "goody" one of the many diminutives for 'Candy; Sweets; Goodies; Goody-Goody.'? Calling your child 'good' as a nickname is unbelievable. "Win" is no improvement... "Winnie" is a known feminine nickname. "Winnie the Pooh" is an unavoidable association and prospect mock.
I would not hire a man named Goodwin Turner for heart surgery. Nor would a Goodwin Ferris defend and fight a court case for me. Consider the barriers a name like this will pose in the professional business world... I urge you.
I have a cousin named this! He goes by Win and Goody sometimes, and it really fits him. It means "good friend".

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