While my name is not Grey, I personally think that name Greyson (or Grey for short but that's irrelevant) is a superb name to give a child. Not that I have firsthand knowledge but people named Greyson usually grow up to be extremely successful. There's Greyson Burn the British sprint canoer and as an honorable mention, Christian Grey. If needed you can shorten this name to Grey for informal matters, or you could even use all two syllables for when you're angry. If this name provokes rumors about homosexuality then you're doing it right. In conclusion, I feel bad for the schmuck that has the ludicrous idea that this name is any less than a prophecy for greatness.
I love the name Greyson!
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Greyson who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 722nd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
The name Greyson, as I was given, was a southern name. There is an old southern murder ballad called Tom Dooley that references a guy named Greyson. My German and Irish side both had Grey in their oldest daughter's name. It's not trendy because it's by my take on trendy. I don't know one Greyson besides me. My mom always said my name is southern too.
I wouldn't name my kid after colors. Odd sounding name to me. And I can't believe some people still don't know you can spell Grey with an a too. Gray/Grey are both correct.
Still a much too overrated & trendy name for my liking, but this spelling is boatloads better.
You don't get the "gay son" association as you do with GrAYSON. I've known so many Graysons who went through that misfortune- many of them now go by their middle. And yes, all of them are heterosexual males to my knowledge.
So please, spare your child the headache and use THIS spelling if you really MUST use the name.
Son of the Grey haired man; Son of Gregory.
To the people conversing about whether Greyson teaches one how to spell grey/gray or not, I should point this out:

In the US, it is spelled GRAY.
In the UK, it is spelled GREY.

That said, all over the English-speaking world, both spellings are accepted.
Greyson Chance is a singer. He's 13. He just released his song, Waiting Outside The Lines, on Itunes. He is rumored to be the new Justin Beiber (UGH), but commented that he will not.
I really like the name. It reminds me of the singer (duh!) but also it is a character in one of my books. It also reminds me of a boy who is kind of a dreamer, but is very tough. One who has gone through hardship but is still strong.
I prefer it spelled like this only on a boy.
Means Son of Lord. Greyson is a name which has English Origins.
I like the Grayson spelling more. It makes it easier to teach a kid how to read.
To the poster who said the "a" spelling teaches a kid how to read: How exactly is that helping a kid learn to read? It would teach them the wrong spelling of grey, and a name isn't going to teach them to read anyway.
My brother's name is Greyson. I like how it's spelled without the usual "a".
I met a girl named Graisen once. She said it like Greyson.
My name is Greyson and I am a girl. I have the hardest time with people who read my name and try to pronounce it even thought it's said the way it looks!

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