Grier sounds too surnamey and reminds me of Nash Grier, but it's definitely better than the ugly Greer. I'd only use it for a boy, however.
This name is completely masculine. Brooke Shields also has a daughter named Rowan, but that's not a very feminine name either. Obviously, she has poor taste and is one of the millions of annoying trendoids who think giving a girl a traditionally masculine name is unique.
I like this on a girl.
I've never met or heard of a boy with this name. I've only heard of girls with this name.
I'm sorry, but this is possibly the ugliest name I've ever heard. It's a one-syllable name with a hard "G" sound. Not very flattering.
There's an actress named Pam Grier who plays Kit Porter on "The L Word."
Brooke Shields named her daughter Grier Hammond.

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