This name is considered old fashioned in Germany, and is rarely given to babies nowadays.
I like it, not sure why.
I like how this spelling has the h there, to make the name look more complete, like with Therese or Theresa.
Famous bearer is Julia Günther, a Russian contortionist (goes by Zlata).
Famous Margrave from the ancient German Epic Saga, the Niblungenlied.
Gunther Goth is a character from The Sims.
Günther Levi, commonly known simply as Günther, is a Swedish musician, nightclub owner, and former model. He is known for the bawdy and suggestive tone of his work, both as a solo act and with The Sunshine Girls.
Pronounced "gyn-ter" (pucker one's lips to U).
Listen to the German pronunciation of Günther here:
Günther Prien was a German U-boat captain.
Günter Wilhelm Grass, Nobel Prize-winning German author, is a famous bearer.

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