I really like the name Gul. The meaning of this name, "flower, rose" makes me think of colorful gardens. :D.
With 1 200 028 bearers, Gul is the 9th most common name in Pakistan (2014 Data). With 733 159 bearers, Gul is the 4th most common name in Afghanistan (2014 Data).

This is mostly a male name in Pakistan.
It's regularly just written as "ګل" in Pashto and "گل" in Urdu without the diacritic.
Gul means "yellow" in Swedish.
This is the Pakistani and Urdu form of the Turkish name Gül (which is also on the site).
There are many Gul- names used in Iran:
Gulafruz ('dazzling like a flower'); Gulafsan ('rose fable'); Gulafshan ('dispersing like a flower'); Gulandam ('having the form of a flower; slender, delicate'); Gulbadan ('having a body like a rose'); Gulbaher ('a spring flower'); Gulbai; Gulbanu ('flower lady'); Gulbarg ('rose leaf'); Gulchehr ('having a countenance like a rose'); Gulestan, Gulshan ('rose garden'); Gulkhandan ('smiling like a flower'); Gulkhurshid ('sunflower'); Gullala ('tulip flower'); Gulnar ('pomegranate'); Gulpaekar ('rose-faced'); Gulroxar ('rose-faced, rosy-cheeked'); Gulrukh ('rose-faced, ruddy'); Gulshirin ('sweet like a rose'); Gulzar ('flower garden').
Actually in Iranian gul means "flower" not "rose". "Rose" means "rose", same meaning in English.
She's right, it does mean flower not rose. I'm half Iranian.

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