I really like this name, pronounced GIE. It's so basic but original too.
noisynora  9/2/2020
The name Guy is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one, sometimes same or different meanings.

The English version of Guy is of French, Germanic and Latin origin, so it has more than one root. It's mainly used in English-speaking countries but also in a few other countries and languages of the world.

In French it comes from the pre 10th-century Old French word "guie" meaning guide/leader. A name popular among the Normans in the form of "Wi". The name Wi has two sources. One comes from the pre 7th-century Old Germanic name "Wido". The other derives from the word "wit", a 9th-century Judaeo-German word from Central Europe, meaning wood, forrest, tree, life, which from it came the Germanic name "Witt". Witt derives from the Latin name "Vitus" meaning life/living spirit. Throughout France, the name Wi eventually took the form Guy /gi/.

The name Guy first came to England in the 11th century from a wave of migration that was set off by the Norman Conquest of 1066 and took the pronunciation /'ɡaɪ/.

In Hebrew the name Guy has two meanings. One derives from the word גוֹי 'goy' meaning both gentile and nation. The other comes from the word גַיא meaning ravine. In Celtic the name Guy means sensible. And, in Teutonic it means warrior.
NameBuff  8/30/2020
A classic, straightforward name that still works really well. I know a guy named Guy who wears it well. There's a difference between the use of the word guy and use of the proper name Guy. Never heard him complain, or anyone confuse him, or his name in any scenario or topic. At least not anything worth noting.
MMC  7/28/2020
Really dumb name.
saturnbrat  5/13/2020
A guy named Guy.
― Anonymous User  12/27/2019
This is the most masculine name ever.
― Anonymous User  11/14/2019
I love the name Guy both in French and English, especially the English version, pronounced /'ɡaɪ/. It's my favourite name for a boy and I am very intrigued by it, so I don't find its colloquial term an issue because it has Zen appeal, and I definitely have a Zen fascination.

The French version of Guy dates back to the 10th century and the English version to the 11th century. It's been shared by aristocracy, several saints and a diversified list of classic literary characters, with not so favourable and very favourable personalities.

Within the mid-19th century, it gradually took on a colloquial term for males. As with many names, its popularity varied from century to century and decade to decade but never lost its use as a first name.

Nonetheless, gender-specific names are not at all unusual; in fact, many well-known and not so well-known names are gender specific, which in some cultures/languages, are classic names that have made their way into the English language, with some having experienced much popularity. The name Adam is one belonging to this group, where in the language of certain countries where it's used, the word adam is also used to denote a man.

The name Guy gained popularity in many countries around the world where it continues to be used. In English-speaking countries it last held a particular popularity throughout the 1950s-'60s. Today it's presently most popular in the UK and would be nice to see this name make another revival.

One thing's for sure, it may appear simply colloquial but it's actually much more. It's a simple, understated, one syllable classic name with a whole lot of substance, history and Zen appeal. I'm sure many Guys around the globe could wear and pull off this awesome name equally well. Go Guy!
NameBuff  8/31/2019
"Wow, that is gangster." - Guy "Guy Fieri" Ferry.
Magnificent Moose  6/6/2019
Guy as a name is kinda interesting. It’s so simple and it defines a male person, more so for a grown man, so it would sound harsh on a little boy. Although it does sound a little tacky and it does sound like the parents were too lazy to come up with a real name, but I don’t hate the name Guy. This is hilarious.
“Hey Guy!” “This Guy, Guy!” “Guy is a Guy!”. Guy is so unique as a name but not too kre8ev, I kinda like it for a girl too, or is that ironic? You wouldn’t use the name Guy on a female. It’s still a cute name.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2019
In 2018, 53 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Guy who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 712th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/5/2018
I actually like this name.
Curious me  8/15/2018
Guy. Just. Guy. "Hey, Guy!"
kayisforkeen  8/7/2018
An alternative spelling used in France is Gui, and some French feminine forms are Guiote and Guyonne.
ArdynLC  4/1/2018
Guy Georges is a French serial killer, dubbed "The Beast of the Bastille", who was convicted of murdering seven women between 1991 and 1997. He was born Guy Rampillon to a French mother and a Black American father who abandoned him as a small child.
cutenose  7/15/2017
As a person with the name Guy I feel compelled to offer that people with the name Guy tend to be assholes. Here are just a few examples:

Guy Fawkes - Revolutionary Asshole.
Guy Gardner (Green Lantern) - Superhero Asshole
Guy Montag (Ferenheit 451) - Book Burning Asshole.
Sir Guy of Gisborn (Robin Hood's Nemesis) - Medieval Asshole.

Based on this data I can project with some certainty that I'm probably an asshole.
Guy_Oliver  6/28/2017
As a person with the name Guy, I can say that I do like the name very much. As a child, not so much, but grew to like it as I got older and traveled more. It's actually fairly popular with Italian Americans as a shorted form of Gaetano. It's also more popular in England, France and Quebec, Canada. As being confused with the American only, generic "Guy", I've never encountered a problem distinguishing the two. In fact, it was only not too worldly and simple people who confused the differences. How dumb can you get if a person thinks that the generic form of Guy for gender came before the actual name? As I got older, I appreciated the distinction of having a strong and uncommon name that hardly anyone forgets. Many have commented to me how much they like the name over the years, especially overseas where I now live. Many people think it's a "cool" name.
Expat  6/12/2017
Guy Aoki is a Japanese-American civil rights activist. He is the leader of the Media Action Network for Asian Americans, which he co-founded in 1992. He is also a contributing columnist for the Rafu Shimpo, and debates publicly on Asian American issues.
lilolaf  4/26/2017
Guy Rupert Berryman is a Scottish musician, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He is the bass guitarist for the bands Coldplay and Apparatjik. Though Berryman is left-handed, he plays the bass right-handed.
cutenose  4/17/2017
Having grown up with the name Guy, I have to agree that when someone says "hey guys" or something I do instinctively turn round. As a child, the worst thing about the name was that the only Guys that people had heard of were Fawkes and Gisbourne, and possibly Burgess the spy, not the sort of characters a boy wants to be associated with. My only popular namesake was a gorilla in London zoo. It was a name long before it was a generic word, and before a name with a non biblical Hebrew origin would be used in Europe, to correct some commenters. In light of my experiences, in the first two decades of my life, I wouldn't advise parents to give a child this name, although there are many that are even worse.
ggyy  10/18/2016
The name Guy was given to 153 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/21/2016
Guy of Lusignan (c. 1150 – 18 July 1194) French Crusader.
cziehl  5/16/2016
This name is bound to cause a lot of confusion...
doritazurita  12/20/2015
Famous bearer is Guy Fieri a.k.a. the god.
qools  12/1/2015
Guy is your starting character on Temple Run.
doritazurita  9/22/2015
In Hebrew the meaning of the name is Valley, as in the Biblical "Valley of the Shadow of Death" (in Hebrew - "ge tsel ma'vet").
guybene  7/24/2015
Far too minimalist to have as an independent name, even if the pronunciation is GEE. It's not too bad as a nickname for Guido though.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2015
I don't understand how this even became a name. It's just a word to refer to men. It is way too dull to be an actual first name to me.
― Anonymous User  5/2/2015
This name is like naming your kid, kid.
SH2237  12/28/2014
I agree so much with you. Who would name their guy kid, Guy?
Maeve N. E.  10/18/2015
Not a fan of titles as names
If Guy is a name then what about girl or woman etc?

Guy is just an utterly dumb name. We know that your child may be male. No need to point that out, given that his name is his gender

Very silly!
― Anonymous User  9/7/2014
Guy Fieri, an American restaurateur and TV personality working for the Food Network. He is best known for presenting the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2014
Might Guy, a character in Naruto.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2014
I think this name is badass and awesome. ;D.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2014
I like it because it's really simple, I wish "Man" and "Boy" were also names, while "Dude" sounds too informal, so not that one. I wish a lot of words were names, actually. As long as a name doesn't sound like a made up word it can't sound trashy, unless your first name is something like Money or Hot, but yeah.
Sebastiam  7/6/2014
This name sounds really, really, really better in French. In English is like naming someone "Boy" or "Man", IMO.

Worst if this Guy called Guy had a sister called Gal! :P.
― Anonymous User  6/2/2014
Guy Delisle, a Canadian cartoonist/animator best known for comics on his travels in places such as Burma, Jerusalem and Pyongyang.
― Anonymous User  9/23/2013
In France, Guy (GEE, with a hard g like the English pronunciation) can be a nickname for Guillaume, which is the French equivalent of William. So, in a way, it could be a French form of Bill or Will.
bonjour_mon_joli  8/25/2013
The name Guy was given to 138 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/19/2013
A famous bearer is Guy-Manuel de Homen-Christo, one half of the French house duo Daft Punk. Guy-Manuel was born Guillaume Emmanuel de Homem-Christo.
TheBlankUsername1  6/23/2013
Guy of Burgundy was the birthname of Pope Callixtus II (Pontificate between 1119-1124).
CarolinW  6/12/2012
GUY has also a meaning in HEBREW: Guy means a narrow valey or a ravine - a landform narrower than a canyon which is often the product of streamcutting erosion. Guy is mentioned in the Bible / The old Testament (Joshua 15:8) as the Valley of the Son of Hinnom (Hebrew: גֵיא בֶן־הִנֹּם or גיא בן-הינום); one of the two principal valleys surrounding the Old City. Guy is a very popular name in Israel.
guyravid  2/12/2012
It is so basic people don't want to use it! It's fine, a lot of people are under the impression that Guy as a name is like naming someone "human". It's a basic short simple name. We don't say "the average Guy" we say average Person or average Joe. I will consider this for a son in the future.
goodolenoname  7/7/2011
A famous bearer is Guy Lombardo. He was the bandleader for The Royal Canadians.
lizanna86  6/29/2011
I can't believe nobody's mentioned Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman yet.
― Anonymous User  1/18/2011
Given its present colloquial meaning, this is a very unfortunate name for anyone. It's like being named "Boy" or "Car".
angolmois  11/16/2009
In Scotland this name is mostly, if not always, used as a shortened form of Gavin. In fact, it never entered my head for a minute that this name had any other root.
Rhona J  4/28/2009
I always found this name unappealing. It's used too much as a generic word for person.
number1212  12/3/2008
Naming a guy Guy will only result in two things. Every time anyone says "hey guys" or anything like that he will always turn around. Also the only guys I've ever known have not been particularly manly.
yohevid  9/28/2008
My dad's name is Guy. I think it is cool because I've only met one other person named Guy. The down side is spelled backwards its Yug. He doesn't particularly like this nickname.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2008
Guy of Gisburne was Robin Hood's rival in the Robin Hood legends. I get my primary Robin Hood source from the 1983 Robin of Sherwood though, and Guy seemed a bit more attracted to the sheriff than Marion.
yohevid  8/2/2008
Green Lantern Guy Gardner of DC Comics. As a result of brain damage, Guy has had many personalities, the most recognizable being cantankerous, cocky, and rude. Despite these less-than-desirable traits, he is a fan favorite.
FMRadio  7/3/2008
Guy de Chauliac was a physician to Pope Clement VI and his two successors in Avignon, France. He tended to those who had smallpox and managed to survive an infection of the disease himself.
Bastien Rosier  6/2/2008
I married the best "Guy" of all! I think it is a very strong name & suits both a child & adult. We also gave this name to my son as his middle name.
sonians  5/28/2008
Guy Patterson was one of the main characters in the movie That Thing You Do. And that is a great movie, and a great name.
Luna_Lovegood54  5/11/2008
This name sounds weird in English, as saying, for instance, ''he's just an average guy'', is not the same as saying ''he's just an average Joe'' or whatever, as it's supposed to be the noun for a man or a boy, not a name that gets to represent, well, the average guy. Or whatever.
slight night shiver  4/23/2008
Sir Guy of Gisborn is a nemesis of Robin Hood and a rival for Marian's affections in the tales of Robin Hood. He is an extremely unpleasant character.
Luanna  1/9/2008
One of the lead characters in the 1964 movie Umbrellas of Cherbourg was Guy Foucher. Auto mechanic who is in love with Catherine Deneuve's character, Genevieve. I like the French pronunciation, Gee. I think this is a nice name, but with English pronunciation kind of funny because it's slang for man.
slasmc  9/26/2007
There was a boy in my third year of elementary school in California in 1983 named Guy, so I immediately appreciated it and went on to notice it was a rare name. Then, in the northeast (NJ), some ignorant components of the population would call Italian-Americans "guidos" and "guidettes, sometimes in a positive sense, sometimes in a negative sense. As an Italian-American from California, I chose to view this in the positive sense and have since left NJ (thank God).
As destiny will have it, I went on to marry the best man on this earth whose name is Guido. So, in my opinion, Guy, Guido, are EXCELLENT NAMES FOR MEN!
guidoguidette  9/17/2007
Guy Germaine is a character from Disney's The Mighty Ducks! He's played by Garrette Ratliff Henson and is number 00. He's seen "dating" the character of Connie.
― Anonymous User  6/26/2007
Ever seen Never Been Kissed? One of the guys on this movie is named Guy. Personally I don't like it but whatever floats your boat.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2007
Guy is a also a nickname for the French name Guillaume.
kateyvic  5/22/2007
Famous bearer is Australian Idol winner, Guy Sebastian.
Niqui  2/12/2007
Origin of the name 'Guy': rather than from a Germanic form witu or wit, it is better to derive Guy from late Germanic widu (wood) or wid (wide), both with d's not t's. Witu or wit are Old High German (OHG) forms which cannot underlie the French Guy or the Italian Guido. The Germanic component of French is Frankish, Gothic or less commonly Old Norse; that of Italian, Langobardic or Gothic. In all of these Germanic dialects, ths secondary OHG shift from Indo-European *dh to /t/ does not occur: it merely stops at /d/. Proof of the /d/ derivation lies in the Italian form Guido where the /d/ can only stem from late Germanic widu or maybe wid: if OHG witu underlay the Italian form, it would have evolved to *Guito, not *Guido; similarly, the late Germanic suffix -hard evolves to -ardo in Italian, not *-arto, e.g. Bernhard > Bernardo (English Bernard).
Insofar as cognates of Guy and Guido are concerned, one could add the names Woody and Woodrow since the English 'wood' is from Old English wudu, which is itself derived from an earlier widu. [noted -ed]
Woody  6/23/2006
Famous bearer is Guy de Maupassant, a French novelist.
― Anonymous User  3/26/2006
Famous bearer is Guy Pearce, an Australian actor.
― Anonymous User  3/25/2006
Famous bearer: Guy Ritchie, film director and married to Madonna.
― Anonymous User  12/28/2005
In Hebrew the pronunciation *is* Guy. Gimel, aleph and yod are all consonants in Hebrew (even though aleph is associated with the Latin vowel 'a'). The ending yod would convert the softer vowel (not shown in classical Hebrew) to the harder 'ai' or long 'i'.
josephharris  11/6/2005
Famous bearer: Englishman Guy Fawkes who was executed for his role in a plot to blow up James I and houses of parliament.
Tbird  8/4/2005
Guy Fawkes was named Guido, his nickname was Guy. He actually had nothing to do with the plot, he was just one the men hired to blow up the King. Many historians suspect that the plan was formed by James I himself so his people would favour him and fear the Catholics, but this has not been confirmed and probably never will be. Guy Fawkes was tortured for several days as he refused to name his friends, and also the poor Guy (excuse the pun) was blamed and treated as if he had come up with the plot himself. In Britain we have a Bonfire Night on the 5th November to remember the failed plot, where bonfires are lit and families have firework displays. Traditionally people make scarecrows or Guy's and burn him in the bonfire. Today Bonfire Night is just an excuse to have fun, and celebrated all over the country.
― Anonymous User  2/19/2007
This is the name of the main character of Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag.
echo_of_the_past  7/26/2005
GUY (pronounced the same as the word "guy" in English) is a male hebrew name, which means "valley". Another possible way of spelling is GAY, which is a transliteration of the hebrew letters gimel, aleph and iod, but it might lead to confusion because it would have a different pronunciation in English as well as some other undesirable meaning for a male name.
― Anonymous User  2/23/2005

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