Too many constants bunched! Wouldn't use it tho.
Too many consonants bunched together. Compared to this, Guinevere is really simple now!
This is the original name.
And I thought Guinevere was complicated...
Complicated spelling.
I honestly thought the ratings would be low but wow!
I thought this was going to sound like a bad name to have, only 18% of this name is bad, but the rest is good. Okay spelling, I just prefer the latter spelling: Gwenevere!
Great for a character in a story.
Way too complicated a spelling. I suppose it could work with the nickname Gwen, but the full name itself is such a mouthful.
Gwenhwyfar is pronounced "gwen-hwee-ver".
Completely gorgeous. I would never use it though, nobody would be able to pronounce it. I might use it for a middle name.

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