I’m very fond of this name. It has such a gentle, soothing sound. I haven’t met anyone outside of Jewish circles with this name, but that seems largely a matter of name familiarity. With the name’s biblical origins, I don’t see why it couldn’t be used by anyone.
Iconoblast  2/28/2021
It would be cool if someone called this named their child Myrtle!
Amy.B  1/23/2021
My name is Hadassah, and I grew up with my friends calling me Dassah for short. I was 18 years old before I met anyone with the same name as me. I used to hate that it was so rare, no it finally feels like I’ve grown into it, and that it helps me to remember how unique we all are. I now almost feel sorry for people with exceptionally common names, and know that they have not had the experiences that I have because of my name.
Dassah  1/20/2021
A time ago I moved far away from my family to search for the Almighty. I kept seeing the Invisible One Jehovah as I traversed the land. I came upon a town that welcomed you with a sign that stated "The Right Place at the Right time!" That's when I knew this is where I should be. I will be happy in my new life.
Then I met a very kind family that took me in as their own daughter. They took very good care of me and would tease me by calling me Queen Esther. I said, why do you call me that, I'm not a queen. I'm just a girl. They went on to teach me all about the life of Queen Esther who was once called Myrtle in her native Hebrew language. They said, a new name for a new life for me. Be Blessed.
― Anonymous User  4/14/2020
I really like this name. The way it looks and is said is very pleasing :)
someone-  4/11/2020
I came across this when searching for the origin of my name (Hadassah, yes). I love reading the comments and discovering more about it. If Hadassah weren't my name, I'd name my daughter it! I think having the name is extremely fun, because whenever teachers see my name on roll call on the first day of school, it's hilarious to watch them butcher my name. Or substitute teachers. Or basically anyone who sees my name on paper and hasn't heard it before. I've only met one other Hadassah in my life, and it wasn't even in my state! The name is uncommon and I like it - the fact that I'm not just some other Emily or Mary is special to me (no offense, those names are beautiful, too! ^-^), because I prize my name as a part of who I am; maybe a bit too proud of me, but I can't stop loving it.
I think Hadassah is an amazing name, and would never trade my name for anything else. (Though I've always been a touch jealous of the name Callie!)
Lost Girl  11/3/2019
If Hadassah wasn't biblical I would love it but I think it's quite trashy since it is.
― Anonymous User  12/20/2018
A few more thoughts on Hadassah- From what I have studied, Hadassah is the Hebrew name of the woman who the Book of Esther is about. Hadas does refer to the Myrtle Tree, sweet smelling and bitter tasting and sometimes a symbol for the Righteous. (Zechariah 1:8) I have read in a couple places that Hadassah means Compassion, but I can't find that in Hebrew sources- Rachuym- is generally the word translated compassion, from the same root word as womb. Sometimes Hamal. I would love a link to show that Hadassah is translated into English as Compassion... is there a verse in the Hebrew scriptures?
Esther was the Persian name Hadassah adopted when she went to the palace to hide her identity as a Jew. The similar Hebrew word, Hester, means hidden. The name of G-d is not mentioned in the whole book of Esther. Though His name is hidden, He is working behind the scenes to rescue his people through his servants Hadassah and Mordecai. In Persian the name Esther does mean star, but may be related to the goddess Ishtar the idolators of Persia worshiped.
― Anonymous User  12/7/2018
Hi my name is Esther. My parents named me Esther from the Bible. Recently, I got very interested in the origins of my name and came across the beautiful name "Hadassah". This name means compassionate which is what I aspire to be every day as a Catholic. I have always known my name (as Esther) means "star". I always love it when people say that I'm a star because it is a nice compliment and reminds me of my name and how my parents chose it for me.
hadassah1510  10/26/2018
Hadassah was a courageous, brave young woman who stood for her people in the bible. She changed her name to Esther perhaps to conceal her Jewish identity. I think the name Hadassah conveys loyalty to your identity and courage.
futuremother99  9/2/2018
Hadassah is so graceful and pretty.
kayisforkeen  8/12/2018
In Hebrew the name Esther means star and compassionate thus when Malachi told his cousin as she was taken to the king to be chosen you told her to change her name to Esther so she would not be known as a Hebrew to only remember that in her heart and she was born such as a time as this Yeshua called upon her she fasted for three days and they prayed and she reversed the cruel law to kill all the Jews. I've been searching for a Christian name and I adore Esther but now that I know the name behind Hadessah I believe I will put this before the Lord and ask him which shall he choose for me and my Christian Life.
― Anonymous User  8/6/2018
Hadassah sounds beautiful and strong.
And it has a rich history, I think I'm going to name my unborn child this.
Mvuyomvis2  5/7/2018
Hadassah is very popular in orthodox Jewish circles. Lots of Hadassah's go by the nickname "Dassi".
Prime Meridian  4/19/2018
I love this name. When I was a teenager, I read the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers and fell in love with the name Hadassah. I also loved that it was Queen Esther's original name. The name is strong and graceful. I held onto it for many years as a name I would want a daughter to have, then 2 years ago I gave birth to a little girl and named her Hadassah. We have received many positive reactions when we tell people her name. I will always probably call her just Hadassah, but some cute nicknames are Dassah, Dassi, and Haddi.
Emunah  9/26/2017
I've always loved this name and our next child, if a girl, will be named Hadassah. I loved looking up the instances of myrtle trees in the Bible - always a positive or blessing.
― Anonymous User  6/25/2017
I thought that Hadassah means star? The way it was explained to me the reason that Esther took that name was because it had the same meaning as her Jewish name. Either way, I love the name. I want to name my baby Hadassah.
MynameisHosanna  6/30/2016
My name is Hadassah. The name Hadassah comes from the book of Esther in the Bible. Esther was a queen. She got chosen to be the queen by the king out of thousands of other girls, that's why she is called the chosen one. Queen Esther was known for her likeliness, prettiness, compassion, courage and obedience; as said in the Bible. The name Hadassah also means myrtle tree; everlasting. Queen Esther's Hebrew name was Hadassah. Personally, my mother didn't want to name me Esther because she wanted me to have more of a unique name. In Israel, the name Hadassah is actually very common, but in America and Europe it is not as popular, which is quite sad. But personally, I love my name!
1hadassahrocks  3/3/2016
My name is Adassa. I love the name and I can relate to mayn different interpretations of the name. It is the name of a female who loves family, protective of those she loves, compassionate about social justice and community. I have grown into it. It is an old Jamaican name but some West Africans recognize it also. It is a strong name for strong female Empresses. God bless the lady who named her child Hadassah a few years ago.
Adassa  1/27/2016
I took note and special interest in the name Hadassah the first day I came across it in the Bible. I am very happy God gave me a daughter that I named Hadassah three months ago.
Emmanuelbola  7/14/2015
I like Hadassah and Esther.
SEC908  2/15/2013
Hebew name of Esther. Why not name the person Esther?
SEC908  10/7/2012
SEC908, the description is a little vague on the origin of the name. Hadassah is a Jewish woman in the Bible who is sent to become the wife of the Persian king. The king cannot know that she is Jewish, so she takes on the Persian name Esther. Eventually, in order to save the other Jews in the kingdom, she must reveal that she is Jewish.

So, to answer your question, a person might pick Hadassah over Esther because Hadassah is the woman's true name, not her assimilated fake name.
MoonAgeDaydreamer  7/28/2013
In Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion Series, Hadassah is the name of one of the main characters, a Jewish maidservant in a Roman household.
Brandi not Brandy  1/18/2012
Hadassah is the name of the name of the Women's Zionist Organization of America. It has over 300,000 members, making it the largest Jewish organization in the United States and one of the largest women's organizations in the world.
humblebee  12/26/2011
Another diminutive form that we used for our daughter was Hadi.
Tannalas  8/21/2011
The Russian name, Dasha, is very close to Dassah, the short form for Hadassah. There used to be many Jewish people in Russia and the rest of the then Soviet Union until, probably, the 1917 revolution. Since then, I think, people in the then Soviet Union (and the countries that it was composed of) had grown so nationalist from communism and global technological competitiveness, that they had grown very racist, as well.
Perhaps this is what sparked the name to be changed into 'Dasha', which is now like a nickname for 'Dariya/Darya/Daria/Darja/Darija' in some places, for some people.
S3AQu33N  8/2/2008
Hadassah has nothing whatsoever to do with the Russian name Dasha (as another user stated), because it's a diminutive of Darya. It's very stupid to actually relate these names together since Jewish names have nothing to do with Russian names especially if they are Jewish biblical names.
― Anonymous User  10/1/2009
She is my hero! She was so brave. In the BIBLE!
IAmTabby  3/12/2008
This is my Hebrew middle name. It's quite lovely. (:
1crzychick  10/14/2007
Pronounced hah-dah-sah.
Miss Claire  7/29/2006
I love the name Myrtle, but I know a lot of people find it ugly. Hadassah is a bit "prettier" and means the same thing, so I like it.
Belldandy  1/23/2006
Hadas means myrtle tree. Hadassah means compassion, hence the women's charity in Israel, Hadassah. Usually adding the -ah would mean a female myrtle tree, but this is a separate case. The -ah changes the meaning entirely. Hadassah, meaning compassion, is a lovely name.
Yahalome  1/2/2006
I know a girl with this name, only she spells it Hadessa. I have to say, though, I like Hadassah better.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2005
The name Hadas: the meaning is: "Myrtle Tree" that is blessed for one week, each year, by the Jewish religious people on their holiday Succot. It's a little different than Hadassah, and it's a common name in the Jewish culture.
hadas  4/3/2005

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