The English IPA pronunciation is /ˈheɪ.di/. [noted -ed]
Pretty name in concept, but in America people would probably think you're saying Hades, Haiti, or maybe even Katie. Probably better suited for a pet or character instead of a baby.
I'm surprised this isn't popular in the US, with all the trendy -ee names and whatnot. I don't really like it. Looks rather childish. Also, it sounds too close to "Hades".
I dislike ee names, also reminds me of Hades.
This is so pretty! I'm worried it sounds too close to "Hades", but I like it!
Please don't use this. It's way too close to the name Haiti.
Reminds me of "Hardee's", an American fast-foot joint.
Also reminds me of "Hades". :/
It sounds alright, but the spelling isn't that nice looking to me.
It's NOT pronounced like Heidi. Heidi is a nickname for Adelheid. Heidi and Haidee are different names. Haidee is pronounced HAY-dee and Heidi is HY-dee.

I much prefer Haidee over Heidi. The problem is that even though Haidee is a lovely name in theory it would be confusing to actually have that name. People would always assume you were Heidi, Hayley, Holly or something similar.
This is my wonderful sister's name. She hates that people sometimes look too quickly at the spelling and call her Haley. I personally think it's a great name. Very original, not very common at all.
I know of a person with the name Haidi, said the same way as Haidee, Hay-dee. I think it's an unusual name, that has a great sound to it.
My name is Haidee and I like having this name because I never meet anybody else with the same name. I was told by my mum that it means modest and I hate it when people call me Heidi. I don't think it 'butchered' the lovely name Heidi.
Haydee was a young Greek girl saved from slavery by Monte Christo in Dumas's novel "The Count of Monte Christo".
Unless the "-ee" is pronounced as "ay" as it should be, these names that end with "-ee" drive me nuts. If this is a variant of Heidi, then it's an absolute butchering of a lovely name.
I say "Haidee" in a different way to "Heidi", I believe Haidee is pronounced HAY-dee, whereas Heidi is HI-dee. I much prefer Haidee, I think it is a beautiful sound and a beautiful name. Byron did an excellent job in making up names. I think this name would fit a child but would grow up with them too, as it has a similar sound to the popular name "Hayley".
Another possibility is that it is of Germanic origin and a short form of "Adelheid". Also written "Heidi" in German.
Heidi is a nickname (originally) and has nothing to do with the name Haidee.
The name possible derives from the ancient Greek name of one of the first three muses, AOIDH, pronounced: haee-dee, meaning "woman singer". It is well known that Byron had great knowledge of Greek mythology.

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