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Haley= Heroine; Ingenious, From the hay meadow Hailea, Haileah, Hailee, Hailei, Haileigh, Hailey, Haili, Hailia, Hailiah, Hailie, Halea, Haleah, Halee, Halei, Haleigh, Hali, Halia, Haliah, Hayley, Halie, Haly, Halya, Halyah Scandinavian, Old English

Hailey= Hero; From the hay meadow. Hailea, Haileah, Hailee, Hailei, Haileigh, Haili, hailie, Haily, Haylea, Hayleah, Haylee, Haylei, Hayleigh, Hayley, Hayli, Haylie, Hayly Scottish; Old English

Hayley= From the hedged meadow, High meadow. Hailea, Haileah, Hailee, Hailei, Haileigh, Hailey, Haili, Hailia, Hailiah, Hailie, Halea, Haleah, Halee, Halei, Haleigh, Hali, Halia, Haliah, halie, Haly, Halya, Halyah, Haylea, Hayleah, haylee, Haylei, Hayleigh, Hayli, Haylia, Hayliah, Haylie, Hayly Old English

Haylla =Unexpected Gift Halla, Hayli Swahli

Hallie= One who thinks of the sea. Hallea, Halleah, Hallee, Hallei, Halleigh, Halley, Halli, Hallia, Halliah, Hally, Hallya, Hallyah Greek

Halia= She looks like a beloved relative Haleaah, Haleea, Haleeah, Haleia, Haleiah, Haliah, Halya, Halyah Hawaiian

Hialeah =Beautiful meadow. Hialea, Hialee, Hialei, Hialeigh, Hiali, Hialie, Hialy, Hyalea Hayley Haylee, Hayaleah, Hyaleah, Hyalee, Hyalei, Hyaliehg, Hyali, Hyalie, Hyaly Hayleah. Cherokee

Halla= Unexpected gift. Hala, Halah, Hallah, Hallia, Halliah, Hallya, Hallyah, Halya, Halyah African, Swahili

Hayle= where the tide meets the stream Heyl, Hayli Hali Cornish

Hale. Lives in the hall, hero, from the remote valley Haley, Hayley Haelaeh Hayle English

Hayley= (residing in a nook, recess, or remote valley). Haylei, Hale, Hales, Hayles, Haley, Nothern English

Hali= The Sea, mermaid, Halea, Halee, Halie, Hayley, Greek

Hali= Peaceful; Precious Stone; Rare; Hay Meadow; The Sea; Necklace;
Halia, Halie, Hayley, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew

Haley= ingenious, wise one. Hayley. Irish.
The name does mean hay-clearing but some people say it means hero. I love the name Haley. It's my name, it's a good name.
The name Haley, as far as we are concerned, does mean "Hero."
Though in modern times Haley would almost always be a variation of Hayley, it was occasionally used as a pet form of Mahala back in the 19th century USA.
Hayley means "Meadow of hay," Haley means "Hero," as does Hailey. Hali means "sea", Hallie means "clearing of hay". It all depends on the spelling.
My name is Haley and I did research on my name and it said it meant 'hero'.
Haley can be a boys' name, but I don't think it sounds good for a boy. My sister's name is Hali (pronounced like Haley). I've found it in the Bible - Joshua 19:25. I've seen many different meanings for this name in various name books and websites: "meadow of hay", "sea", "hero(ine)", "victorious woman" and "ingenious".
Just look 'Haley' up on Google. It says it means 'hero'.
This name can also mean 'hero' from Scandinavian origins.
Yes, Haley does mean heroine in the female usage, and hero in the male usage. My name is Haley and I love my name.
No, that is very incorrect information. Haley/Hayley's correct meaning is "hay-clearing" from the English surname. I don't know what Scandinavian name you are referring to.

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