Haley Dunphy from Modern Family.
Very suburban housewife.
I really like Haley over its other variants.
Personally, I’ve always preferred Haley to its other spellings. It less reminds me of ‘hay’ than it does its meaning in Scandinavian, heroine.
The spelling looks incomplete to me...
Many people think it is going extinct, but I don't.
Haley is super popular around the world in my opinion. I would say that it is the 3rd most common name for a girl.
To be honest, I'm not quite sure why everyone is saying that it's offensive when they spell your name wrong, like what? You've seen the list of spellings- how will they know which one you use? It's just a name- you can change it you can embrace it but at the end of the day it's just a word used to get your attention.
This spelling makes the name look incomplete.
Haley is my name. It’s a beautiful name! I’m not sure what it means, some people say it means hay-clearing or hero but I’m not sure! All I know is I love my name and you should too! It’s very unified to spell it the way I spell it, which is “Haley” but however you spell it is beautiful!
In 2018, 10 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Haley who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 372nd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Hi, my name is Haley too! I love my name I was named after Haley Mills from The Parent Trap the movie and the book. I love my name so much and I am proud of the description of my name. We should all be proud and if anyone tells you different you should tell them how much you love your name. I love my name and I will never forget the meaning of my name for as long as I live unless when I am older and I get dementia. HAHA! I am 12 and I am proud to be Haley. And my nickname is Luna Lovovegood.
This spelling: Haley, drives me absolutely bonkers. It looks incomplete. Also the person who said they're named 'Haley' after the actress in the movie 'The Parent trap'- it is the wrong spelling of the actress' name. The actress spells it Hayley Mills. I would know, I am named after the actress.
Our name is beautiful.
Hi my name is Haley and I agree with the person that said that whenever an adult asks what my name is the first thing they say is KALEY. It is really annoying and I am mad it happens and people always spell it wrong but I am grateful for my name.
Haley is the best name. :)
Haley= Heroine; Ingenious, From the hay meadow Hailea, Haileah, Hailee, Hailei, Haileigh, Hailey, Haili, Hailia, Hailiah, Hailie, Halea, Haleah, Halee, Halei, Haleigh, Hali, Halia, Haliah, Hayley, Halie, Haly, Halya, Halyah Scandinavian, Old English

Hailey= Hero; From the hay meadow. Hailea, Haileah, Hailee, Hailei, Haileigh, Haili, hailie, Haily, Haylea, Hayleah, Haylee, Haylei, Hayleigh, Hayley, Hayli, Haylie, Hayly Scottish; Old English

Hayley= From the hedged meadow, High meadow. Hailea, Haileah, Hailee, Hailei, Haileigh, Hailey, Haili, Hailia, Hailiah, Hailie, Halea, Haleah, Halee, Halei, Haleigh, Hali, Halia, Haliah, halie, Haly, Halya, Halyah, Haylea, Hayleah, haylee, Haylei, Hayleigh, Hayli, Haylia, Hayliah, Haylie, Hayly Old English

Haylla =Unexpected Gift Halla, Hayli Swahli

Hallie= One who thinks of the sea. Hallea, Halleah, Hallee, Hallei, Halleigh, Halley, Halli, Hallia, Halliah, Hally, Hallya, Hallyah Greek

Halia= She looks like a beloved relative Haleaah, Haleea, Haleeah, Haleia, Haleiah, Haliah, Halya, Halyah Hawaiian

Hialeah =Beautiful meadow. Hialea, Hialee, Hialei, Hialeigh, Hiali, Hialie, Hialy, Hyalea Hayley Haylee, Hayaleah, Hyaleah, Hyalee, Hyalei, Hyaliehg, Hyali, Hyalie, Hyaly Hayleah. Cherokee

Halla= Unexpected gift. Hala, Halah, Hallah, Hallia, Halliah, Hallya, Hallyah, Halya, Halyah African, Swahili

Hayle= where the tide meets the stream Heyl, Hayli Hali Cornish

Hale. Lives in the hall, hero, from the remote valley Haley, Hayley Haelaeh Hayle English

Hayley= (residing in a nook, recess, or remote valley). Haylei, Hale, Hales, Hayles, Haley, Nothern English

Hali= The Sea, mermaid, Halea, Halee, Halie, Hayley, Greek

Hali= Peaceful; Precious Stone; Rare; Hay Meadow; The Sea; Necklace;
Halia, Halie, Hayley, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew

Haley= ingenious, wise one. Hayley. Irish.
It doesn’t matter if your name is Haley, Hayley, Hailey, Halley, Halle, Hallie, Hailee, Hali, Haleigh, Hayleigh, Hayle or Halie they are all variations of the other. The name itself, however it is spelled or pronounced has numerous meaning.
The name does mean hay-clearing but some people say it means hero. I love the name Haley. It's my name, it's a good name.
The name Haley, as far as we are concerned, does mean "Hero."
I love this name. I don't care which way you spell Haley, it is still beautiful in every way.
My name is Haley, there are two Haleys, one Hailey, and one Hayley in my grade. Whenever someone asks what my name is, usually an adult, no matter what age, and whenever I say "Haley" they INSTANTLY say "Kaley?" Or sometimes even "Laley?" It annoys me, and I always have to repeat myself, and people always spell it like "Hailey" or just completely wrong. The coolest spelling I have thought of is Haileigh or Hayleigh or Haleigh. Nevertheless, I love my name. Your name makes up who you are and everyone should love themselves.
This is my name. I really actually do like it. I can't say I adore it but I definitely don't hate it. The only thing I dislike about it is it's spelling. I don't really like any spellings of Haley for some reason, but my parents wanted to give me what they thought was the easiest spelling and this was also the most popular spelling for the year I was born so I guess that's okay.
I don't like this name at all. It's better spelled Haylee, but I still don't like the name.
I think the name is cool. But, other spellings are:
Hailie I have seen most of these variations!
Haley Ramm is an American actress.
Haley Reinhart is a contestant on American Idol season 10.
I really hate this name, it is used way too often, plus I know a Haley (actually I know 4, all spelled differently) and she is the only person in the world I can't get along with.
I personally love this name, mostly cause it's my name. I like this spelling compared to most ways of spelling it mostly cause it's simple. People used to always mistake it for Ha-lee and people always spell it wrong but I have learned to put that aside. Some nicknames I get are Hay-Hay and Haley-Bailey. I love my name!
My best friend's name is Haley. She has a bunch of nicknames: Hay, HayHay, Haleybug (which her mom shortens to just Bug). And more. Her name fits her because she is kind of preppy, but I wouldn't stereotype another Haley because of her name. It could fit anyone. Overall a great name, and I prefer this spelling. It's the simplest.
That's so funny! My parents also call me Haleybug or Bug! My nickname for friends is a mix of Haley and alien, resulting in Halien!
My name is spelled Haley but so many people misspell and say it wrong. I love my name but I don't understand why so many people get it wrong and why they can't say it right.
This is my name. People ALWAYS pronounce it HA-lee, like you should with the name Hale, or Hail-ee, but the way I pronounce it is HAY-lee. Because of all the problems with mispronunciation, I really am not a fan of my name.
This is my name, and I really like it. It sounds soft and pretty, but not too feminine. I hate when people spell it wrong, however. There are five Haleys in my grade, two Haileys, two Haleys, and one Hayley.
This is my name, but I don't particularly like it. I never got made fun of or anything, but it was just so unusual in my year. It's fine for a middle name, maybe in something like Elizabeth Haley or Kaitlyn Haley, but not so great as a first name.
My name is Haley and I'm glad my name meaning means 'hero.'
I named my daughter Haley Alyse. I think Haley is a beautiful name. It writes beautifully, it is soft and feminine and when I think of my daughter as an adult I see a classy, sweet woman that is also witty and charming - a joy to be in her presence. Haley means hero and I think that should make anyone with the name Haley proud. I do not like this name for a boy at all. I have a few nicknames for my daughter associated with her name - My little Halo (because we wanted her for so long and she is a gift from Heaven) and Haley-Bug (because she is petite and small) are the ones I use most often. I think this name is lovely. I also love that it begins with an H like my name (Heather). My husband and son chose this name for my daughter and because it is a name I have loved all my life, I instantly agreed. Blessings!
There's this wonderful singer from New Zealand, Haley Westenra (I'm not sure if I spelt it right)
My impression of this name is that it is the most awesome name on earth.
I like it better spelled Hayli. My friend spells it that way and I think it totally fits her.
Somebody I know pronounces it like Holly.
This is my little sister's name. It's also probably one of the most popular last names in the town I live in, and yes, all the Haley's are related. Well, my sister's not, but the ones with the surname Haley are. Seeing as it's my sister's name and she's a pain in the behind I hate this name. But, on the other hand, it's the last name of one of my best friends, so while I could never use it, it does have some good connotations for me.
Can also be pronounced: HA-lee.
I don't understand how anyone can like one name over the other because Hayley, Haley, Hailey and Hallie are all DIFFERENT names. Some may be pronounced similarly but seriously, you can't ignore the "Y" in the "original." It adds a different sound, completely. I wish people would get that. You don't like one spelling over the other. You like a totally different name, altogether. Without the "hay," there is no "hay" field from the original so any name without the "Y" can't truly be of the same origin. Every other variation should stick to the "hero" thing because it makes more sense.
I just love this name but prefer the spelling Hailey.
Though in modern times Haley would almost always be a variation of Hayley, it was occasionally used as a pet form of Mahala back in the 19th century USA.
Hayley means "Meadow of hay," Haley means "Hero," as does Hailey. Hali means "sea", Hallie means "clearing of hay". It all depends on the spelling.
My name is Haley and I did research on my name and it said it meant 'hero'.
Haley can be a boys' name, but I don't think it sounds good for a boy. My sister's name is Hali (pronounced like Haley). I've found it in the Bible - Joshua 19:25. I've seen many different meanings for this name in various name books and websites: "meadow of hay", "sea", "hero(ine)", "victorious woman" and "ingenious".
Just look 'Haley' up on Google. It says it means 'hero'.
A famous bearer of this name is male actor Haley Joel Osment.
This name can also mean 'hero' from Scandinavian origins.
Yes, Haley does mean heroine in the female usage, and hero in the male usage. My name is Haley and I love my name.
No, that is very incorrect information. Haley/Hayley's correct meaning is "hay-clearing" from the English surname. I don't know what Scandinavian name you are referring to.

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