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NameRebekah "Becky"
Locationnorth carolina, USA

Hi my name is Becky and i'm 13 years old and I am a Christian.
I am talkative and a pretty random person. I have blue eye's and dirty blondeish hair.
food: pickles and mushrooms
animal: polar bears
resturaunt: BF Changs
smell: cows and febreez
basketball team: Bulls
color: lime green
car: JEEP CJ7 '79
continent: AUSTRALIA!!!!(I have ALWAYS wanted to go there!)Top 5 girl's names:
Julie, Cassidy, Carrie, Krystal and AbigailTop 5 boy's names:
Brantley(not in DB), Michael, Jacob, Ben, and Jarrad
please send me a message!
Pary Queen: Crystal
Outcast: MeganDid u get them right?

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