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PronouncedPron.LOO-kəs English
LUY-kahs Dutch
LUY-KA French
LOO-kəsh Portuguese
LOO-kas SpanishClassical Latin

Meaning & History

Latin form of Loukas (see LUKE).
VariantsLuke English Luuk Dutch Luc French
DiminutiveLucky English
Other Languages & CulturesLuke Biblical Loukas Biblical Greek Lluc Catalan Luka Croatian Lukáš Czech Lukas Danish Luukas Finnish Luka Georgian Luca, Lukas German Loukas Greek Lukács Hungarian Lúcás Irish Luca Italian Lukas Lithuanian Luka Macedonian Lukas Norwegian Łukasz Polish Luca Romanian Luka Russian Luka Serbian Lukáš Slovak Luka Slovene Lukas Swedish
Same SpellingLúcás
User SubmissionLucas


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