I can't take a Lucas seriously because of it sounding like the snotty substance "mucus". *vomits on a Lucas*
Mucus Lucas, not a fan.
Also Afrikaans:
You'll find bearers on social media.
Also Flemish and French (Belgian):
Also French:
It rhymes with mucus, and it’s harsh sounding with the k in it.
Me gusta ese nombre es muy lindo.
I like this name because of Hitman.
I personally heavily prefer Luca.
I think Lucas is a really nice name. It sounds strong and classy. I love Luke as a nickname (and full first name, as well), as it's very lovable. I think Lucas ages really well, too, which I think is important (yet somewhat rare) in a name.
Overall, I think Lucas is a great name.
Awesome name!
Hate it so much there is absolutely nothing appealing about it!
This is a very cute name! The name Luke is cute too.
I am very disappointed nobody mentioned Lucas Wolenczak from Seaquest DSV. A show that went on from 1993 to 1996. Lucas is played by Jonathan Brandis. (May he Rest In Peace)
I don't understand how anyone could name their child this. I mean c'mon, it literally rhymes with lupus...
My name is Lucas, and I'd just like to say I LOVE IT! It's a really unique name.
This name is one of the worst names in the world. I find every Lucas I meet has no friends and is just plain out annoying. Don't name your child this if you don't want to raise a loser.
My son's name is Lucas. He was named for my grandfather (Luke) and goes by both names. It's strong, classic, and he's never been teased for it or the nickname. He's almost 15 now, so we beat the recent influx of popularity for the name, but I can see why it's climbing the charts. It's a name that will never shift to the girls, as a lot of trendy names do, and it's got a great opportunity to give the child the option to go by Luke in the future if they choose. I would choose the name all over again, 15 years later, and not many people say that about their teenage children's names.
I think this is a very unique name- I like it.
Y'all, this is so handsome and it's not ugly one bit! Lucas is one of those really handsome names and I love it!
I completely agree with Janessa2542. Hating a name just because it's popular is rude to other users and can be considered part of harassment. I have always liked the name Lucas and never considered it trashy or anything like that. The meaning "light" is wonderful too. This will be one of the names for my future son, or else I could spell it with K as well: Lukas.
I perfer Luca.
I like it, and it's better than Luke!
Lucas Constable.
Lucas is a name that rose in recent popularity. Therefore, I have some positive and, at the same time, a less favorable view of this one particular name. First and foremost, it must be mentioned that the appeal, in my humble opinion, is that it crosses linguistic barriers (e.g. for Spanish and English). However, the major reservation that I cannot ignore is how over saturated in popularity this name has become. Particularly over here in the South West region of the US where I currently live. Not a bad name by any stretch of the imagination, just too popular right now.
Boring name.
One of the most beautiful masculine names in my opinion.
Lucas from NCT.
Just another popular name that is being overused now. Really, don't see nothing much interesting in it. Not bad, but just, boring!
I dislike it apart from naming her cat this.
Hello students today I’m going to teach you another sentence in Español,
First lets read,
Lucas sal de mi clase salón por favor.
Lucas is the main character of Mother 3. A JRPG for the Super Nintendo. He has also been a fighter in the Super Smash Bros. Series since Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Lucas is cute sounding name but it only reminds me of Lucas from Mother 3.
I dislike the pronunciation. It seems harsh and forced.
Lucas is the cute spider.
It's very popular and I understand why, it's a great name which sounds strong and has classic origins, better than Luke in my opinion.
Lucas (Wong Yukhei) from NCT.
I think Lucas is okay, but it is getting very popular nowadays.
Famous bearers also include:George Lucas (Director and Creator of THX-1138, and the Star Wars Saga) (1944 - )
Actor Lucas Bryant (best known for his role as Police Chief Nathan Wuornos in the TV show Haven) (1978 - )
American football player Lucas Patrick (plays for Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin) (1993 - )Character Lucas McCain from The Rifleman TV series (played by Chuck Connors)
Character Lucas Roberts/Horton from soap opera Days of our Lives (played by Bryan Dattilo)
Character Lucas Lee from film Scott Pilgrim vs The World (played by Chris Evans)Actor Lukas Haas (for the form of this name with K instead of C) (1976 - )For Luke:
The ever-so smexy character Luke Skywalker (played by Mark Hamill) from the Original Star Wars Trilogy, as well as the Sequel Trilogy.
I actually like this name. Only problem is I could not imagine it on a man over the age of 30, unlike Luke which is more timeless.
My little brother is called Lucas, and he's the cutest and cheekiest guy you'll ever meet. So, don't go calling this name and every other name out there "ghetto". Peace out.
This is my name, so my views may be biased. I like the name Lucas. As for people saying it's "trashy", childlike, delicate, feminine, or other things like that, I personally don't care if I come across as childlike, delicate, or feminine. As for trashy, people will think whatever, and I'm not very bothered by that. People also say that it sounds like mucus and lupus, and for that, I see why they think so. I even saw someone say that it reminded them of Lucifer, and to be honest, I'm guiltily proud of that.
It's so popular right now, and I can't see why. It sounds like mucus.
Whenever I hear this name I just think of Lucas from stranger things, which, btw, is AMAZING, if you haven’t watched it please do- it’s not as scary as people say. The scariest thing I think is their bowl cuts (the 80s were a questionable time) but, Lucas is a good name, I think.
Nice name, but doesn't age as well as Luke. Still, a decent enough name to use.
A little youthful for my taste but still a great name!
George Lucas - The man behind Star Wars.
Also GermanPronounced: LUW-kas (German), LOO-gas (Danish)Meaning: Form of Luke used in several languages.
It's my last name, and my son's first name. No, I'm not egotistical; it was for my father. From my own experience, I already knew he was going to get the Lucas/Mucus/Puke-us jokes, and when I was a 7th grade teacher, my students looked shocked when I would beat them to the punch. His nickname is Luke, which I'd always thought of as a strong name as well.
As it is my name I personally like it, Everybody says it rhymes with mucus, but what is wrong with something it rhymes with? It is a different word altogether. As for it being delicate, delicate is strong in it's own words.
Wow, seeing other comments is very different from my thoughts... I think Lucas is a classic strong name. I feel like it’s a name that you can shorten to Luke or keep as Lucas and it doesn’t matter how old you are.
I think the name Lucas sounds boring and it doesn't sound fitting on boys plus I think the name Lucas is another form of the name Lance for boys! I HATE that name Lucas because boys with that name Lucas are babyish and immature- who wants to have a son with that babyish and immature name!
I have a 15 year old son named Lucas. It is ultra popular nowadays, but I still really love the name. It sounds classic yet modern. (My son Lucas is a twin with a brother named Markus.)
Lucas Radebe of South Africa and Leeds United, Nelson Mandela once called Lucas Radebe his hero, his nickname is the chief and captained both Leeds United and South Africa in the world cup finals, my son is named after him!
My brother's name is Lucas and I think it is a really nice name.
Also a Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and German variant of Lukas.
I love my baby bro's name. He a bundle of joy in my parents' eyes.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Lucas who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 366th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
I like the name Lucas perhaps more than the name Luke. I've known a few men named Lucas in my lifetime and without exception they all chose to be called Luke. So why bother with the name Lucus... just name HIM Luke.
It's an ugly name, and reminds me of the disease lupus. And of course it rhymes with mucus. Two unpleasant things that sound a lot like a name do not make it very appealing. I have no idea why anyone would choose this name over the similar, but much better name Luke. I'm not even really very fond of Luke, but it is still superior to Lucas as a name.
Lucas is pretty boring and plain in my opinion. Despite it, I love the French pronunciation. I rate Lucas 5/10.
Meaning "light", "bright" or "bringer of light", often associated with the bible name "Luke".
From the Latin name "Lucas", which means man from Luciania. Luciania is a place in southern Italy with the ancient meaning of "shining".
Wow, a 54%? I'm surprised by that rating, seeing as how popular the name is in several countries and it's not even a modern name. I personally don't really care for the name, seeing as it does indeed rhyme with the word, "mucus" and it's extremely popular, however, there are worse names and I certainly wouldn't consider this a bad one.
Lucas is a character in the television series "Stranger Things".
I personally like the name Lucas, but I still prefer the name Luke, to it.
Lucas Alan Cruikshank is an American actor and YouTube personality who created the character Fred Figglehorn and the associated Fred series for his channel on the video-sharing website YouTube in late 2005. These videos are centered on Fred Figglehorn, a fictional six-year-old who has a dysfunctional home life and "anger management issues".
Rhymes with mucus, so please consider the nickname Luke.
Lucas Scaglia is an Argentine footballer who plays as a midfielder, most recently for Jacksonville Armada in the North American Soccer League. He is also a childhood friend and cousin in law of FC Barcelona forward Lionel Messi.
Lucas Leiva known as Lucas, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for English club Liverpool.
Lucas Domingues Piazon is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Fulham, on loan from Chelsea. He is primarily a forward, although he has also been deployed as a left winger, as an attacking midfielder or in the hole behind the striker.
I really like this name! I'd use it in a heartbeat. Could use the nickname Luke.
Boring, and it reminds me too much of Lucas Cruikshank, whose YouTube videos I found funny as a kid but can't stand now.
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are: Lucas Parker
Lucas Raimi
Lucas Rylan
Lucas Xavian
Lucas Xavier.
This name sounds better than Luke.
Lucas is the main protagonist of 'Mother 3', a Japan-exclusive game for the Game Boy Advance. He also appears as a playable character in 'Super Smash Bros. Brawl' for the Wii and 'Super Smash Bros.' for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
Lucas Ross is a character in Claudia Gray's YA series Evernight. He falls in love with the main character, Bianca. What makes their relationship complicated is the fact that he is human and she is half vampire.
This does not age well at all and is too "cutesy." Just name your kid Luke. I have a relative named Lucas and they call him Luke. Why the K spelling when it's Lucas? Luc, this spelling looks like luck. Not a fan.
I love this name. I named my son LUCCAS, yes with 2 C's at the time I thought it would be cute to match with my daughter who is Rebecca but now I would have put only one C- not because I don't like it, but because it's always misspelled and I can never find souvenirs with his name spelled right! He is 6 and he doesn't mind- I'm hoping he won't! I just love the name. It makes me think of a courageous, sweet and strong man and that's exactly what he is! So sweet, kind and very strong!
My baby cousin's name is Lucas and it is a wonderful name and I don't think it is 'trashy' at all. It is so adorable, just like him!
Having this name myself, I quiet like it personally, reading some of the comments saying that's it's too delicate for a boy or "trashy" (though where I'm from we don't use that term so I guess it means chavy), I don't feel that it is so. A lot of people like my name, and I use my full name rather than Luke, as it's less common. I don't see the issue of having a boys name as "delicate" though I don't see how it is. (but that's just my opinion )
Woahh this name has bad ratings! I wonder why it's so high on all these countries' popularity charts then?
American comedian Byron Allen has a son named Lucas Byron (born December 2012 in Los Angeles, California). Lucas has two older sisters named Chloe Ava and Olivia Rose.
No offence to anyone named Lucas but I personally dislike this name a lot.
Lucas Daniel Till (born 1990 in Fort Hood, Texas) is an American actor.
Lucas Stephen Grabeel (born 1984 in Springfield, Missouri) is an American actor and singer.
Using this pronunciation key, the French pronunciation would be luy-KAH instead of the one currently listed. [noted -ed]
This is the name of my friend, and whenever he tells anyone his name the response is always something witty like "Woah" and "What a name"
... personally I wouldn't recommend using this name as it may look good written down, but the sound is just ridiculous!
Matt Lucas is an actor from Little Brittain.
I'm sorry but this name makes me laugh.. It is so cutesy and if I ever hear someone shouting the name 'Lucas' to their son I will have to try my best not to laugh.
Don't call your child this, give him something more solid and not laughable :)
Ack! I just hate this name! It sounds childish, tacky, not to mention ugly! Why not go for Luke? It is SO much better than this 'name'!
Ugly and too delicate to be masculine.
I have a friend with this name, but I really don't like it!
It sounds dumb, and is too delicate for a boy...
Although this name is pretty common, it is my all-time favorite name. EVER. It's stong, masculine enough, and just perfect. I will DEFINITELY name my son this when and if I have one.
I love love love this name.
I would totally give it to a future son in a heartbeat.
Also as other comments have stated, I like Lucas with a 'c' over a 'k'.
I really just can't get over how awesome this name is. :D
American actor Corin Nemec and Jami Schahn have a son Lucas Manu Nemec (born 2002).
According to a few sources, the name Lucas was definitely in reference to the Lucani and Lucania, which was Greek in origin. The name either came from a Greek word that meant "wolf," which was a totemic animal used by tribes, or the name came from the Latin word lucus, which meant something along the lines of "sacred wood." The name later became associated with names such as Lucian, which means "light."
This seems like a cute name on a little kid, but unlike its counterpart Luke, it doesn't age well. I can't imagine a fifty-year-old Lucas, let alone a ninety-year-old.
Lucas Cranach, great German Renaissance painter.
I once knew a boy name Lucas Lucas. His first name and last name were the same. I thought it was quite funny and cool. This name is nice and I like shortening it to Luke. Also it is a name from the bible. It seems good for a mature and childlike boy.
I can't believe no one mentioned the fictional character Lucas Davenport from John Sanford's Prey series. The best fictional detective ever.
There is a character named Lucas Boyd on the short lived tv series "Point Pleasant". In the case of this character, the name is meant to be an allusion to Lucifer.
I love the French pronunciation. I think it's a very strong and slightly uncommon name that can easily be shortened to Luke. The only problem is in the US, he would always have to correct his teachers on the first day.
I get a queasy feeling that it is more a derivative of Lucifer than of Luke. Just don't care for it and not comfortable about even hearing it given to someone.
Lucas is a character in the Game Boy Advance game 'Mother 3'.
In the claymation Christmas special from Rankin-Bass, The Story of the First Christmas Snow (often shortened to The First Christmas Snow or The First Christmas), the shepherd boy is named Lucas.
Sir Lucas Pepys was a distinguished Emglish doctor who attended King George III during the latter's 'madness'.
I used to like this, but it's getting old now. Plus everytime I hear it I think of mucas. :D
The main character of the show 'One Tree Hill' is called Lucas. He is portayed by Chad Michael Murray.
I very much like the name Lucas! It doesn't sound too 'foreign' or 'bizarre' like some of the other names I like, but at the same time it's not so popular that it's overused. It's good for a first or middle name, and it has a nice kind of sound to it. Very good.Also, 'Lucas' is one of the default names for the male character in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum games.
Lucas Cruikshank! He is very famous on youtube and he is also Fred on youtube. Lucas Cruikshank is 14 years old and lives in Nebraska.
I can't believe that nobody else has said George Lucas--creator of the Star Wars saga.
I don't like it. Lucas just seems like Luke with a lisp.
Lucas Stickney is the best friend of Kari Sundgren in Susan Runholt's Kari and Lucas series (beginning with "The Mystery of the Third Lucretia"). Both are tremendously likeable characters.
I love this name. I like it better with a c then a k, I think it looks cooler. I'd like to give this to a future son as a middle name.
Pronounced somewhat like LOO-kush in Portuguese. [noted -ed]
Lucas is the oldest form of Luke and was used in eleventh century England well before Luke became commonly used as a first name. It eventually became an English surname for the descendants of a man named Lucas, just as many classic names have become over time.
Singer Aled Jones has a son called Lucas Gabriel, "light" and the name of an angel. I think this is a beautiful combination.
I prefer Luke or Lukas. I don't know why, I just always have.
I prefer Luke or Luc to Lucas.
Love this name, it's one of my favorites for a boy.
Lucas Grabeel is a famous bearer of the name, best known as Ryan Evans from High School Musical.
Better C than K.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Lucas here:
Bizarre thing--I don't think I've ever known or met a Lucas who didn't have red hair; even the kid from the "Ant Bully" movie. Is this just me?
One of my favourite names for a boy. It's very strong sounding and not trendy or dated like Jayden, Hunter, etc.
Lucas, the night manager for Empire Records in the movie 'Empire Records,' was an amazing character. He was very witty and enigmatic.
Lucas Fox is a drummer who was a member of British heavy metal band Motörhead and London punk rockers Warsaw Pakt.
Lucas is a character on the soap opera "Days of our Lives."
A famous bearer in the Netherlands is Lucas Maurits Pieter Henri von Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven. He's the son of prince Maurits and princess Marilene of Orange-Nassau. His parents are still in the line of the Dutch throne.
I think it is a very strong and masculine name.
Most likely origin of the name is out of the bible, of course, after Saint Lucas. However the name Lucas didn't come around until the Christian Era and was most likely a derivative from the name Lucanus, which was common in earlier inscriptions.

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