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Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. LOO-ka
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Meaning & History

Italian and Romanian form of Lucas (see LUKE). This name was borne by Luca della Robbia, a Renaissance sculptor from Florence.
Other Languages & CulturesLuke(Biblical) Loukas(Biblical Greek) Lucas(Biblical Latin) Lluc(Catalan) Luka(Croatian) Lukáš(Czech) Lukas, Lucas(Danish) Lucas, Loek, Lukas, Luuk(Dutch) Lucas, Luke, Lucky(English) Luukas(Finnish) Louka, Luc, Lucas(French) Luka(Georgian) Lukas(German) Loukas(Greek) Lukács(Hungarian) Lúcás(Irish) Lukas(Lithuanian) Luka(Macedonian) Lukas, Lucas(Norwegian) Łukasz(Polish) Lucas(Portuguese) Luka(Russian) Luka(Serbian) Lukáš(Slovak) Luka(Slovene) Lucas(Spanish) Lukas, Lucas(Swedish) Luc(Welsh)
Surname DescendantDe Luca(Italian)
Same SpellingLuca (2)
User SubmissionsŁuca, Lucà

People think this name is

classic   upper class   wholesome   refined   strange   serious   nerdy  
Hungary: December 13


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