My name is Hamid and I'm from Iran. My name is Arabic which means “praised” or “praiseworthy”. In Arabic there is another name which is close to my name and is spelled Hamed which means "praiser, worshiper". [noted -ed] I have a younger brother whose name is Hamed!:) Pronunciation guide: Hamid/Hameed
H as in hat, a is in apple, m as in man, i/ee as "ea" in jeans, d as in door
In Arabic/Persian script: حمیدHamed = h as in hat, a as in far, m as in man, e as in pen, d as in door
In Arabic/Persian script: حامد.
The Turkish form of this name is Hamit and the Turkish feminine form is Hamide. [noted -ed]
I know a boy who's name is like this but spelled differently. He spells it Hamed.

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