Hm. Can't say it's better or worse than Hannah, but I will say that it is a very refreshing change.
Hanne Lorre is the main character of the Gift from The Princess Who Brought Sleep novel.
Norwegian singer Hanne Hukelburg is a famous bearer.
In the Netherlands - just like in Germany - Hanne can be a short form of Johanna. But unlike Germany and the Scandinavian countries, Hanne is *also* used on males (as a short form of Johannes) in the Netherlands. [noted -ed]
Hanne-Gaby Odiele is a Belgian fashion model who is currently a part of the Spring 09 Balenciaga campaign.
Anna Karina was born Hanne Karin.
Hanne is also a Danish form of Hanna, very common in Denmark. [noted -ed]
Listen to the German pronunciation of Hanne here:

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