I named my daughter Hannelore. Everyone comments that it's a beautiful sounding name. Most people call her "Hanna." She doesn't seem to mind the nickname. People mess up the spelling all the time, which annoys her. However, I think she likes it. Her name stands out from the other Hannahs in her class.
Cute name!
My husband's maternal side of the family emigrated from Baden, in Germany, and I have a smidgen of German on my side, too. (Not as much as we always believed, according to a recent DNA test.) Anyway, when we were expecting our daughter, I'd never heard of the name Hannelore. If I had, it would have been in serious consideration!

My only concern might have been that this was the mid/late nineties, and the name "Hannah" was virally popular! But, I still would have considered it. "Hanni" is a darling nickname. Also, Laura is a family name, and this name would have honored the many women in my family tree named Laura.

In recent years, I've met someone who has an aunt named Hannelore, and this auntie goes by the nickname "Lori." That's cute, too.

Another long, Germanic-sounding name I've run across is "Fjordelise." That actually might be more Scandinavian, but it has a similar "vibe" to Hannelore.

Well, we named our daughter Caroline, which is beautiful, and regal, and honors many family members named Carl and Carole. Her friends call her Carrie; I generally use her full name, or sometimes, I call her Carly. She's easygoing, and doesn't mind any short form or nickname, and she's told me she loves her name! I guess we did okay.
It sounds so mysterious.
Incredibly beautiful. I'm in love with the variant Annelore.
Very classy and refined.
Beautiful name and a great way to stand apart from all the Hannahs.
Hannelore Schmidt (usually known by her nickname "Loki") was the wife of the German chancellor Helmut Schmidt.
No thanks.
Hannelore Kohl was the first wife of former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. She met him for the first time at a prom in Ludwigshafen, Germany, when she was 15 years old.

She was born in Berlin and was christened Johanna Klara Eleonore Renner. Her father Wilhelm Renner, who joined the Nazi Party (NSDAP) in 1933, was Wehrwirtschaftsführer at Hugo Schneider AG and also headed the employment office that developed the anti-tank weapon Panzerfaust. Later, she chose the portmanteau "Hannelore" to be used as her first name.

In the days following Germany's defeat in World War II, at the age of 12, Hannelore Kohl was raped by Red Army soldiers and subsequently “thrown out of a window like a sack of potatoes by the Russians.” In addition to the obvious psychological impact, the attacks left her with a fractured vertebra and back pain for the rest of her life. In order to help others with similar injuries, in 1983 she founded the Kuratorium ZNS, a foundation that helps those with trauma-induced injuries to the central nervous system, and became its president.

On 5 July 2001, Hannelore was found dead at age 68 in her Ludwigshafen home. She had apparently committed suicide with an overdose of sleeping pills, after years of suffering from what she had claimed to be a very rare and painful photo allergy induced by an earlier penicillin treatment that had forced her to avoid practically all sunlight for years. Hannelore's biographer, Heribert Schwan, cited "medical experts to support his theory that the bizarre light allergy of her later years may have been a psychosomatic reaction to the suppressed traumas of the war." In 2005, the Kuratorium ZNS was renamed ZNS - Hannelore Kohl Stiftung in her honor.

Kohl's collection of German-style cooking recipes, Kulinarische Reise durch Deutsche Länder (Culinary Journey through German Regions), was published in 1996.
Hannelore Knuts is a Belgian actress and fashion model. She has appeared on the cover of Vogue seven times: five times on the Italian edition, and once each on the South Korean and Japanese editions.
I think it's really beautiful and a great way to honor all the Hannah's, Anne's and Laura's in my family tree.
I think this name is gorgeous. Unfortunately, most people where I'm from would pronounce it Han-lore. Oh well! Guess I'll just have an index in my book. :D
I love this name! It's so beautiful.
One of the characters in Questionable Content has this name.
Pronounced HUN-nuh-lo-ruh.
This name was very popular about 50 years ago. Today it is extremely unpopular in Germany.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Hannelore here:
The Dutch version of Hannelore is 'Hannah-Lore'.
I have a Dutch cousin called this, and as far as I know, the Dutch version is not "Hannah-Lore". It's spelled and pronounced the same in Dutch and German.

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