This is so pretty! I would have expected the English spelling of the word 'harmony' to be the only good one on an actual person, but this version (French) is beautiful!
Word names can have different spellings, in case it should look different because it looks too regular, though I do prefer Harmony.
Ugh no. Leave Harmony alone.
This at least is a better spelling than "Harmoni" hopefully the spelling of Harmoni that is currently within the 2015 charts, doesn't take off.
Harmonie is simply the French word for harmony.
Harmony is a 'word name'.

Harmonie is not. It also has no meaning, because the misspelling practically got rid of the meaning.
Beautiful name, I like Harmony spelling better.
This spelling makes the name look like it's said "Harmon-eee" or something. I don't think changing a name that's already a word is really logical. I recommend the real spelling if you want to use the name.
This is a horrible way to spell this name. It's one thing if it wasn't a word too. Harmony is spelled Harmony and not Harmonie, and that's that.

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